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Driving myself crazy

Hi I've been ttc for just over a year, and things are starting to get pretty bad. I get upset when my friends announce their pregnancies (although I'm obvious thrilled for them, I'm unbelievably jealous). Babies are on my mind 24/7. I even found myself crying in the baby aisle in Waitrose the other day. I just see no positives right now and I'm worried about getting depressed about the whole matter. I'm wondering why I'm not getting pregnant, I've tried dieting, alternative therapy, even crystals. I just don't know how to cope. ???? Sorry to be so depressing. Xx


  • Everybody has a time when they feel like this, ttc can take over your life, especially as it seems everyone else just magically falls pregnant straight away, the ladies on here are so great for support
  • Aww I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult time.  Have you been to your GP yet? If you haven't, I woud suggest that now is the time. 


  • awww takethatfan,

    I could have written that post! I know what you mean, I would love a family so much but sometime I feel this is no way to live life checking off days wishing it away until ov arrives!

    Do you use opk's? I am with snugglenush try your gp, ours albeit a little lacking in communication have been really good. We have been trying just over a year and have come to realise it is probably due to hubby's little swimmers we have had a few tests done with nhs, blood work and they are all ok. We have our referral in Oct. It is scary and we never thought we would have to go down this route (who does!) but I honestly feel better now we have more knowledge and something to aim for. We are on a mixture of vitamins and hubby only has the odd beer on special occasions bless him! If you were to find out it was due to male factors there is a really helpful sperm scientist on fertility zone forum will take pm too

    Jo x chin up

  • Hi, I've actually started to hate this journey; the excitment you feel when you start ttc soon turns into months of feeling upset and down when af appears!! I was at a family do at the weekend and as I drove home I was dreading getting home and going to the loo as I knew af was ready to show! 

    Like others have said It's time to go to the docs for some advice, It might help you to feel more positive!! 

    good luck xx

  • I cry in the baby aisle too! School Hols at the mo so I'm off work and have the time think about it more. Find it easier when I'm back at work. I'm reading a great book my friend recommended - taking charge of your fertility. It's a god send and would highly recommend, very encouraging. Sending u lots of baby dust xx
  • sounds good Katrob although I might have a go at not even thinking about ttc, It's so hard not to though as I start with cramps, pains and sore boobs from around ov right up to af arriving!!!

    I've taken my mind off it this week by sorting out all our wedding photos on to my new laptop! 100's of photos has certainly kept me busy!! lol

    I'm same as you on school hols and dreading going back! 


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