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Positive opks for 4 days now but haven't ovd!

Argh. Tearing my hair out. Had an early mc / chemical pregnancy at 5 and a half weeks in July. Counting day 1 of mc as CD1 I'm now on day 29. I've had 4 days of positive opks (really strong) and 5 days ago had loads of ewcm so dtd then and next day. Now I'm convinced I've left it too late. Charting temps too and it's all over the place. My temps didn't really fall with the miscarriage, only just dropped the last couple days now! And before anyone asks I've done hpt and it's a bfn. Was really hoping I'd have woken up this morning and it be obvious I'd ovulated. Anyone else struggling post-mc? Still getting super strong opk and ewcm today but I'm put this evening so don't think we will get to dtd! Pah!


  • Hi, I had the same thing happen to me the month I got my BFP.

    I had an early miscarriage in Feb and started using OPK again soon after. I had negatives then had a positive for 6 days in a row, so just kept BDing.

    10 days later I got my BFP and I'm now 26 weeks pregnant.

    My temps were also all over the place and CM kept changing from stretchy to creamy to watery. Sorry if that's not much help. Hope you get your BFP soon image xx
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