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nervous for scan tomorrow

i 'm just wanting to share as it so hard at moment only one I can talk to is my hubby. Got friends texting me saying how they nervous about work load and asking if all ok with me and I say yes all good. But really I'm not good , so hard when you choose not tell anyone.    Because of my silent miscarriage last December we decided to keep this pregnancy under wraps from family and friends. 

We had early scan at 7 weeks and all was ok. But last year at my 12 week scan I found baby had stopped at 8 weeks but my body still thought I was pregnant. So even with my symptons and no cramping or bad signs there is this fear that I don't know. 

I m 10 weeks now and they are really good letting me have another scan to put mind at ease . I just can't concentrate today. Suppose to be doing paper work but I'm just wasting time away. Did cook lasagne but then started to get bit nauseous and tired. 

Anyone have any tips on how to keep positive and ease worrying. I just hope all is ok  I really really want this baby. I so want to share our happy news in september. Keep saying this pregnancy and this baby is different.


Hope you are all ok  


  • My only advice is to stay as busy as possible. Maybe go for a walk or something to help you sleep tonight. Time seems to move so slowly when you're waiting for a scan.

    Good luck!

    G xx
  • Thanks Gemgems I did end up doing that and now watching film. Be so glad when tomorrow has passed and hopefully all will be ok and I can relax a little more 

  • let us know how you get on good luck xx what time is scan?

  • good luck mrs daisy - i am in the same position as you as I had a mmc in may twelve weeks and found the baby had stopped growing at 7/ 8 weeks. Can i just ask - was it your first mc? I am tempted to go to doctor and ask for early scan but I am worried they might fob me off saying I need to have had three mc to have that. p.s good luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you x

  • hey thanks you all. Everything was perfect it was amazing baby is 10 weeks and 4 days imageimage We saw little heart flickering away and he or she was bopping up and down moving arms and legs.imageimage It's best feeling ever . I was so nervous but also I did feel like everything would be ok, whereas last time I had a bad feeling. This time feels different and I hope I'm right. 

    Nurse was so lovely she gave me two scan photos. Will def be starting my baby book now I know risks never totally go but I feel so much better after today. can't stop smiling image

    Devon mummy yes I only had one silent miscarriage last december I went for 12 week scan and baby had was just still and had stopped at 8 weeks. The nurse told me last time come back when you're pregnant again and you can have early scan.I had scan at 7.2weeks thinking I was over 8. But because I wasn't they said I could go back. Really like our EPU they are very good. I would ask and tell them you're concerned or just ring the unit yourself .. All people I know in our area had early scans if they had etopic or miscarriage, they should offer it to you. let me know . Really hope all goes well for you. I know how berve racking it is we haven't told a soul. I can't wait to tell family and friends but we said we'll wait until 13 weeks. Not long to go now . 


    Good luck all x 

  • That's great news. So glad it all went well. I had an emergency scan with ds at 10 weeks and saw his little arm waving. So cute! Even in 2 weeks you'll see a big change when you gave your 12 weeks scan.
  • Oh wow congratulations! So pleased it all went well.

    Our epu won't scan for peace of mind they'll only do it with a doc referral and a doc will only refer if bleeding a lot or spotting with pains. Very harsh!! I had a early scan at 6 weeks because of bleeding. I'm only 7 weeks now and very worried...5 weeks till my dating scan is just dragging. Scans should be more accessible, even for a small charge perhaps - not ??100 like most private scans! - it would help a lot of mums to relax.

  • Mrs Daisy so pleased for you x sounds like you had an almost identical situation to me . Im so so anxious this time. really hope Im offered an early scan because in driving myself mad worrying and im only just over five weeks!
  • thanks for support ladies I do feel so much better , though be so glad to be in second trimester.then I can due in forum .

    Thanks Gem when are you due ?

    Hope you do get your early scan devon mummy , when are you due ?  Always on and off here if you ever wana talk , I know how it helps to talk over things. just keep telling yourself this baby is different and try to feel good and grateful everyday for pregnancy. I'm little sad and have taken to watching positive pregnancy mind movies on you tube , works for me though. 

    babyboom I agree with you and I can't imagine how you feeling with waiting. Know I just tried to keep myself busy and have weekly goals, Ending up marking down the sleeps on my chalk board. Was surprising how soon it got into single figures. hope you find way of keeping yourself relaxed as I know it can drive you mind. 

    Lots of luck and healthy pregnancy wishes to you all x 


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