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Advice on when to test!! :)

Hi ladies, I'm after a bit of advice, If I'm having "spotting" today (which started yesterday) would next Sunday be too soon to take a test? That would make it 8 days since the spotting started All advice welcome!


  • Do you mean spotting as in possible implantation spotting?? When is your period due?? x

  • Hi image

    Yeah, I think it could be implantation bleeding. I'm not sure that's what it is but it's an option, I have never had spotting before a period before, when it arrives it just arrives properly!! As for when my period is due , that's anyones guess!! I don't have regular periods so don't know really. I don't have an official "being late" so it's tricky to wait til it's late then test, I estimate that I'm 10 dpo so that would be approx 18 dpo by next Sunday. It's likely my AF may arrive by then, but wasn't sure when a sensible time to test would be if not image this is our 9th month of trying so I'm trying to keep positive image x
  • Well if your AF hasn't arrived by 14dpo then I would say test!! You would probably get a positive by then if you were pg. Good luck!


  • Hi julie

    I also had spotting which had never happened before, I also had bad cramps on and off for 4 days. I spotted on cycle day 21. I was very patient (mainly scared of disappointing neg test) I didn't test til cycle day 37, which was approx a week after period due, and got a very strong positive instantly.

    I should think by now a test would give a correct result. But I'd wait as long as you can!

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