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how are we all?

how's everyone doing?? just wondered how we all are. im 33wks + and feeling massive and very uncomfortable and struggling with sleep x


  • I am having an interesting time. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes a month ago. Since then i have been on a boring diet. Low carbs, low fat and zero sugar. Plus eating loads of veg but limiting fruit. I check my blood sugar 4 times a day and take tablets to lower my blood sugar along with the diet. I have lost 2kg in weight when being size 8~10 naturally is not amazing. Baby is measuring top if all the growth charts already. All too much along with my other boys, work, looking after my house and trying to complete an NVQ. I have been signed off work sick thank goodness! The pregnancy itself isn't too bad. I love watching him kick and he keeps doing star jumps atm lol! I am uncomfortable at times little feet creep into my ribs and the braxton hicks are strong at times. I am determined to enjoy this my final pg! Unfortunately my Hubbys Nanna died this week so it has been stressful and telling our boys was the hardest thing we have ever done as parents! Interesting to hear how others are doing. I am 31weeks just about, but likely to be delivered early. Yay! Xxx
  • gosh, you are going through it. i don't know how manage. my pregnancy going well. had pre.eclampsia with my first and so far bp ok this time. im 34 weeks and really feeling uncomfortable now and fed up. not sleeping well which isn't helping. i finished work this week so trying to get lots if jobs complete so i can put my feet up!!

    look forward to seeing others updates xx
  • I'm 34w nearly & doing ok. Pelvis is sore but I'm managing, been to the midwife today & baby is head down thank god but not starting to engage yet but plenty of time. Think I have a uti but it's manageable. Other than that I'm pretty good! All ready for baby bar the doubles kit for iCandy which we're waiting to come into the shop. My DS keeps telling people his brothers called tommy, no idea where he has this from lol, can't wait for him to arrive now, it's our last baby so really ready to start the rest of forever now. Glad everyone's doing ok, sorry to hear about your hubby's nana nimmy xx
  • Hi i am 33 weeks,have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and baby is on siattic nerve,in pain.... I have an anterior placenta and baby is breech !!! I dont feel a lot of movement and am slightly paranoid abou that but was told this is ok apart from that everything okay hahaha xxx
  • We had Nannas funeral yesterday. Was a hard day. Ds1 started school on Tuesday and loves it! He was at school during funeral but was aware about what was happening. Ds2 went to a friends house. I was lucky to have my parents about. They came to funeral and picked both boys up for us. Nanna phyl saw the boys every week, even made lunch for them until 1month ago! Can't believe she is gone and won't meet Ds3! Boys miss her already. Any who enough of that. I am also struggling with a virus. Throat hurts, cough, headache and all achey. Poor Ds2 has waited nearly 3yrs to have mummy to himself and i am on sofa keeping him amused with dvds. Feel really guilty. Sigh. My blood sugars have settled and bump hasn't grown for 1 month so the strict diet and tablets are working. My bump measured 30.5 at 31w. I have never ever measured small or even spot on. Boys always measured 2cm ahead! image bored of the diet but as it is working i must keep going. I am off sick from work, but next week and week after are holidays with mat leave starting 24th Sept. Just want to meet Ds3 now. Hope everyone else is ok? Xxx
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