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could i be?

Hi, i m/c on 28th july at 6 weeks but womb was already empty and hcg levels at the lowest. Iv been ttc since i stopped bleeding after 3-4 days after m/c...iv got all the symptoms of pregnancy but i just did a test and got a BFN!!! image it was 4 weeks and 5 days ago since m/c...could it still be too early?? or is this just period symptoms?

Iv got a stretchy feeling in my tummy, major back ache, tearful, small appetite, big sore boobs and on and off period pains?



  • Hi, I had a miscarriage around the 6th of August. I was only four and a half weeks though and we started ttc again and I think I ovulated about 8-9 days ago, give or take a day. I had a BFN today too but I have similar symptoms this month (along with some sharpish pains in my right side and a little further down) Having all those symptoms, it might just be too early. What test did you use? I used the cheapy 10miu ones (but apparently they aren't very good?), last month I used 2 clear blue and got a very very very faint result a couple of days before I was due AF so I'm thinking of going to buy one of them again.

    *baby dust* I hope you get your BFP soon hun!

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