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How is everyone?

Hi guys,can't believe how fast this is going I am 20 weekson thurs flying in. Was feeling really good but exhausted again! How is everyone?i hope people are still around. Xx


  • Hello mummy2bn2, I'm feeling great. Def getting my energy back! I'm 18wks now, always aiming for 20wks to feel 'properly' pregnant! I've been off work for 6wks which was great chance to rest, back monday so trying to organise the house today so I can go back settled nxt week!. I can never keep up with how far evry1 is along on here or if they know what their havin, so ur 20wks, do u know the sex? x
  • Hi Ladies - I am 22+3 today - can't believe it!! Feeling much better than a few weeks ago - energy is back and I'm eating more which I'm sure has made me feel better all round. Still getting some constipation frustratingly. Loving feeling the baby move around - it's a real wriggler!! Got a lovely bump too - feeling properly pregnant now!!

    We had our 20wk scan a couple of weeks ago which all went well - baby has long legs - it's thigh bone was measuring two weeks ahead of what I was!! Didn't find out the sex, we don't want to know. Did see some suspicious 'blobs' so we both thought maybe it was a boy but who knows, we'll wait and see!


  • Hello ladies, the time is flying past, we'll have the babies in our arms before we know it! I'm 21+2 today, have a lovely bump and our little girl (we found out at the scan last week) is kicking me just nowimage Good to hear you ladies are doing well xxx

  • imageimageimagehellow ladies mummmys to be image

    im new on here so hiiii image

    im 40 weeks pregnant on friday with my 2nd baby  31/8/12 with a little boy Rio

    am so so scared my time is nearly up of being pregnant.

    today i have been to see my midwife and she performed a sweep and stretch on me am already 2cm dialated and have no plug and am very soft and stretchy so am hoping the sweep as worked and my little fella will be here very soon..

    Good luck to you all in your weeks/months of pregnancy and i hope you allll have a happpy arrival xxx

  • Hi Melissa, that's so exciting! You'll soon hold your son in your arms, I'm a bit jealousimage Hope you have an easy, short labour xxx

  • Hi guys

    well i am 21 exactly today and had my scan.  A little blue bump.  I had been worrying that I hadnt felt any movement but it turns out bubs is standing up and therefore all kicks are down on my bladder -which explains an awful lot!    Lol cheeky think is making his presence known. 

  • Congrats FridayBride for joining the blue teamimage My little girl also enjoys jumping on my bladder - cheeky monkey has her first trampoline lol x

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