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For those of you who have been to see a GP, at which month did you go before they would do anything? x


  • Hi Judithcharmers,

    Iv been TTC for nearly 2 years. I finally picked up the courage to get help this year in March2012, they done blood tests for me for a few months. Then i had an ultrasound done. I then had an appointment with a gynacologist, and she was really nice. She then told me to ring the hosp on the first day of my next period (This was for my HSG). Which i did but then ended up cancelling the appointment because i was too scared to find out if i couldnt have babies. So i left it off a few months. Then i finally went last thursday to have the HSG, and it was good news after all my tubes are fine. My partner has had a sperm check and hes fine. So the question is now, whats wrong.


    How long have you been TTC? Have you had any help yet like blood tests? HSG?..ect..


    Keep us posted image

  • My doctor set the ball rolling after 12 months of trying. She was brilliant and we were both having checks the following months. The sooner you go, the sooner they can establish if there is anything wrong and (hopefully) get you sorted. Good luck x

  • Hi Judith,

    I went to my GP after about four months as I wasn't having regular periods and I have a complicated gynae history. She sent me away and told me not to worry. I then paid to have some private bloodwork and was able to take that back and she agreed to make a referral after about 6months. 

    The NICE guidelines are to refer any woman under 35 with no history after 1 year and any woman over 35/or with gynae problems after 6 months. If your GP doesn't refer you it's just to do with rationing of services and not the right thing for you. 

    I would recommend that you go back and see your GP every 3 or 4 weeks and eventually they will refer you to get you out of their hair. 

    It's sad but we have to be pushy to get what we want/need/deserve/pay for with all of our bloody NI contributions

    Good Luck

    Froggy x 

  • hi i went to the doc in july this year due to lack of af and making ttc impossible im currently having tests and being refered to a fertility clinc. im asuming being only 27 if it wasnt the fact ive not had af since nov last yr id have to have waited longer good luck on your journey x

  • I went after 9 months as I had a history of gynae problems and wanted to know if they could be causing problems. They started the process then which involved four months of day 21 bloods as well as other blood work, hubby's did his bit too. We were finally seen by the consultant 6 months later and 5 months later after evey test going and 3 months of clomid we got our bfp. I'm now 10+1.
  • I started going to see my GP quite soon after ttc because of irregular cycles and spotting for weeks before any AF appeared. I was told not to worry the first few times but I kept going back until she agreed to refer me to a gynaecologist who diagnosed a polyp on my cervix. I had an op to remove polyp, but was told there was no polyp and to keep trying. Got a BFP after 10/11 months ttc, had a mc at 6 weeks and told to try another year. Spotting came back with a vengeance and I no longer have a normal temperature rise. I have had to go to my gp on a number of occasions this year and I kept getting told not to worry. I booked another appointment recently after I started spotting less than 2 weeks after the start of my last period and the bleeding didn't stop. This time I saw a male Dr, took my husband with me and ended up in tears (I think that helped!). He referred me to a FS to investigate my cycles and see if I have pcos.

    My point is if you think there is something wrong just keep going back to your GP. I had to try several until I found one who was prepared to listen. I'm 32 and don't want to waste any time if there is something wrong.

    Good luck x
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