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Home Birth after B2B 1st baby and episiotomy...

Hi everyone,

hope someone can help me! I am 12 weeks pregnant with my second and would love a home birth, both my sisters have had them and really loved them. However, first delivery was a bit tricky and had a rubbish midwife which i don't think helped! Basically I got to 10 cms in birth pool, midwife said waters had gone (didn't check) and said i could push away... 2 hours later nothing was happening so she checked me and said she didn't realise baby was back to back and I was pushing onto my cervix and making it swell up. ended up being transferred to a different hospital where they checked me and said waters hadn't gone. They broke them for me, baby twisted round and with an episiotomy as I was so exhausted at this point i pushed him out!

Can you still have a home birth if you have had an episiotomy? i'm worried this baby will be back to back too, anyone delivered a back to back baby at home? please help! I'd love to do this but don't want to put baby at risk obviously!

Thank you!xxx


  • Hello. I had a home water birth on12th August. I had a c section with my last baby. Yes, you can definately have home birth if you had an episiotomy. Anyone is entitled to it, it can't be refused and you sound like a good candidate to suceed. I believe homebirths are safer as you are more closely monitored. I'd recommend a waterbirth too as the water softens the perineum and the chance of tearing is reduced. Hope you have a happy and health pregnancy and labour. X
  • If you have a home birth you have two dedicated midwives. If anything was seen at all to be a risk, you'd be transferred to a hospital straight away.

    We are currently TTC and I'm really hoping for a home birth when we have a baby.x

  • Hi MrsWowser...

    My second and third babies were both back to back as apparently my uterus is backwards! Not sure how that works! LOL

    Anyway, I had baby number three at home and had no problems, even with her being back to back. I found that rocking on my hands and knees during contractions helped take the pressue off my back and then kneeling as up right as possible on my knees as I leant over a huge pile of pillows during pushing helped bring her down really quickly and easily. She was born just half an hour after the midwife arrived.

    Also, I never had an episiotomy with any of mine, but had a very nasty tear with baby number one - I used to be so scared to pee for weeks and would cry my eyes out everytime I did because of the pain. But it never influenced my midwives when i requested a home birth. 

    Just remember that you are legally entitled to one if you so wish it, so don't allow yourself to be pushed around.

    Best of luck!

    Love, S x

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