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Terrified of the Potty???

Hi Ladies

DD is 2 yrs 4 months, and is physically showing all the signs of being ready to move on from nappies, and will happily sit on the potty, until it comes to actually doing the deed at which point she gets so upset and literally begs to have her nappy back!   Has anyone else had this problem and how did you overcome it??? xx


  • sorry to reply without any advice, my lo is only a year so can't answer your questions, i just wondered what the signs are that they're ready? Ive heard you shouldnt bother until the signs are there otherwise its detrimental. we have a terrible time wrestleing lo with his pooey nappies i keep thinking the sooner the better but i know that isnt always wise lol!

  • Well she knows when she needs to go, can tell me when she's been, can go 1.5 - 2 hours between wees, asks to take her nappy off and to sit on the potty, can take her knickers down (not so good at up!) and has started doing really big wees (because it's saved up) and the nappies can't handle them!!!  She also knows what Mummy & Daddy use the toilet for, etc.  She doesn't like being wet and gets upset if she has an accident. xx

  • Hi, my advice if you believe she is ready is ditch the nappies altogether and go cold turkey. Swapping between potty and nappy will send confusing signals to her. Try a reward chart or stickers for every success how ever tiny and she will soon build her confidence. Training is hard. My ds is nearly three and is currently going backwards so we are having to start from scratch. Perseverance and lots of positive fuss and no negatives when she has accidents is best. If though she is genuinely terrified of potty . Put the potty away for a month or so and leVel nappies on. U may find she asks you to do it. Also would you consider straight to toilet if she is having that much upset with potty? X
  • hi i was just wandering if you managed to potty train your lo after as my daughter is 3 next month and shes terrified of weeing n the potty! she will sit on there only untill she needs to go then absolutely freaks out! i dont know what to do ???? tried sticker chart and it doesnt work tried her on the toilet and that doesnt work!!! she constantly holds herself! help!!!!

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