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scary :(

Hi ladies.. has anyone else had this ....ive had sickness for the last few weeks but until yest afternoon id not been sick since fri morn. I was sick yest afternoon and again last night , last night there was blood not loads but a few spits worth , sooooo scary image i googled and asked a friend who is a nurse and both said prob burst vessel from being sick . Feeling exhausted today xxxx


  • Hi mummy, I've had this and it was just a burst blood vessel from throwing up all night. I get little nosebleeds all the time now, especially when I sneeze or blow my nose too hard. You can always call your midwife or check nhs online. Hope that you find some reassurance. X
  • Thanks deeders, nice to know im not alone . Did it just happen once to you ? It did me , ive been sick this morn and was just normal . Cant believe you are 15 weels already ! X
  • I've had it happen twice with the throwing up. Both times I was being energetic with the vomiting and it was going on for a couple of hours. Everything is progressing fine here though.

    I know , the time is flying past. image
  • hi mummy ive not had this but like deeders says its likely to be a burst blood vessel which is the same reason we are more susceptible to nose bleeds in pregnancy. i had a sickness bug at the weekend (definitely wasn't morning sickness as i also had a temperature) and i now have burst blood vessels showing up on my eye lids image hope the sickness eases off soon x
  • Thanks ladies ,ive not had it again since so hoping it was just a one off. God im.not enjoying pregnancy this time at all ! I was supposed to go to hosp today for bloods but couldnt face it after no sleep ,worry and constamt sickness i had such a headache so im going to have to rebook xxx
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