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my first consultant appt tuesday - excited

Hi there, haven't been on for a little while, been waiting for my appt, now its on tuesday, i'm so excited, crazy i know. I'll be cd4 when i see him, hoping he'll let me start clomid straight away cd5-9, but i don't know much about the first appt. I've had all the tests we need and all that is wrong is low progesterone and i don't ovulate. Really want the clomid, it would be amazing to have a BFP by end of Oct. I've tried to not think about it but now its here its all i can think about, been scanning forum for clomid success stories, and its great to hear it works for so many. I'm 26 this week, DH 35, TTC 18months, found out about PCOS June/July 2012. Anyone due to be starting clomid soon? Hope everyone is well and baby dust to all x


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