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Could labour be near

Hi I'm 40 weeks + 2 and I'm soo fed up of waiting for labour to start! I lost my plug last week but it wasn't blood stained, on my due date I had very pale pink watery discharge when I wiped but it wasn't thick so I don't think it was part of my plug. I had an unsuccessful sweep also on my due date but the midwife said my cervix is soft and I am 2cm? baby's head is very low so she couldn't reach the top of my cervix to strip the membranes. (I'm so confused) last night I had one episode of very loose bowel movement and it was a lot but may be because I haven't been regular for the past week? (sorry tmi)! I haven't had any BH I don't think? And I had bad back ache for a few hours but it disappeared when I went to bed. All I have done for the past 2 days is sleep and I haven't had a nesting instinct apart from 4 weeks ago! Sorry to ramble on and on but I'm so confused about wether labour is near, has anyone else gone into labour without the usual signs days before? Thanks in advance xx


  • I had no signs at all. Midwife attempted a sweep on the tuesday but my cervix was unfavourable so she couldn't do it. Woke up on the friday with a bit of backache, 7 hours later I had my baby in my arms! Was 41+1 with first baby. Good luck, i'm sure it will happen for you soon!
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