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used a doppler !!

Hi ladies on friday (9+4) i borrowed my friends doppler and think i found the heartbeat although i wasnt certain. I tried again today with another friend im 10 weeks she is 10+ 2 , and we both found the same noise but hers was faster than mine , so now im worried that mine is too slow image i knew i shouldnt have started with the doppler , even though part of me feels,reassured that i found something image Has anyone else used one this early ? Xx


  • hi mummy i think that babies heart rate really varies so please try not to worry. i think its quite hard to find it with the doppler this early which is why mw don't do it until the sixteen week appointment. it may also be that you found your heart beat rather than the baby's x
  • i've found the heartbeat with my doppler at 9+2 it should sound fast like a train, then after that i couldn't find it for nearly a week. i was a little bit worried but was reassured that i was quite lucky anyway to find it so early and that the baby is tiny and it can move about. a few days later i found it again and now i have days where i do find it and where i don't. i try and not do it every day as i would become too obsessed but it really does put your mind at rest. don't worry i'm sure everything is fine hun xxx

  • I found mine at 10 weeks. It is very fast like a train. I counted the bpm in 15 seconds and multiplied by 4. It's very hit and miss depending on baby's position. I'm now 12 +4 and have been listening every 3/4 days. Each time I either find it straight away or end up going for a walk, run up and down the stairs to move baby until I can find it. Took 40 mins yesterday. Try not to worry too much. Leave it a week and try again. Lots of gel and a very full bladder. X
  • Thanks ladies , it is prob mine that i heard , its not v fast. Im not going to try again now , i ll leave it til my scan xxx
  • I heard baby last week for the first time at 12+5. It is still very early to listen in and it's possible the placenta is in the way or something so try not to worry x
  • Hubby been reading up and reckons i heard placenta or my own heartbeat ! Xxx
  • Im 14 weeks I've used a Doppler and the babies heartbeat slws down when it's moving I wouldn't worry too much xxx
  • Well , after an experiment on my hubby what i heard ,and my friend too ,were our own heartbeats ! I can hear it in 2 places ,one on each side , and heard exactly same noises in same places on hubby !! Searched for ages and cant hear anything else xxx
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