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the big clear out has started

starting clearing out my wee guys room today as he has a new bed arriving next week, figured i might as well start preparations for new baby in there as well, as figured will get him used to new room set up b4 there is someone else actually sharing it, think precision engineering will be required, have no clue how i'm gonna get two of them and all there stuff in one room, anybody any tips? x


  • I think we're going to be looking at 2 in 1 as hubby reluctant to give up his office grrrr my son still doesn't sleep through the night though and don't want him and baby disturbing each other... Like u no idea how / where we are gonna fit another little persons stuff???? Lol
  • i'm lucky our son slept from 10pm to 7am from about 12 weeks, we now get on average 8:30pm till about 7am, fingers crossed this one is the same.

    had a similar problem when we were expecting our first child, our son's bedroom was originally my husbands music room, he had no choice but to give it up as there was nowhere else for our son to go, he was repeatedly asked to clear it out but never did, so i warned him if he didnt do it soon, i would go in and do it for him, and that's exactly what happened, he was in the huff for a couple of days lol!

    i'm thinking if i can find some alternative storage somewhere else in the house, we have a big cupboard i could put some shelves in and if i move my changing station downstairs to living room, i might be able to squeeze in 2 beds, a chest of drawers and a few toys x


  • we'll be having two kids in one room too. dd still sleeps in the cot with the side off but hoping to get her a bed before Christmas. we're lucky that its a big double room but i think that she might notice she hasn't gotso much room to play. baby will be in with us for at least six months anyway (dd was in with us for nine months!) unfortunately not going to be able to move to a three bed place for several years
  • Same here Devon mummy, we no chance of moving any time soon, we haven't been to see anybody about moving, but some of houses in our area have now been up for sale for a year or 2, and my friend went to bank as she wants to move too, the bank asked her for a 40% deposit! Its just ridiculous! And I actually love my house and area so I think extension may be the way to go for us, but that will be a few years off too, as long as they have their own rooms by time they hit teenage years think I'll be safe lol! x
  • We'll be sharing too. Because we live abroad now we have a lot of visitors so need to keep the spare room and I figured in the long run there'd be less disruption if they were use to sharing than if we just bumped then in together when someone visits. No chance we'll move, we were lucky to find this place and no way id fork out an extra ???650 a month for a 4th bedroom. There might be a few teething problems but sure it'll work out x
  • We will be having two in one as this baby wasn't planned and we had only just moved house. But if it's a girl we will have to swap the kids rooms and redecorate both nightmare !!!!
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