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Blood Tests Done, next stop scan :)

I survived my blood tests at hosp today!!!!Next stop, 12 week scan 2 weeks today!Time is going so slowly, just want to get to my scan and know that everything is ok image

Is anyone else feeling in limbo land at the moment all this waiting ?




  • yeah i feel the same way at the mo, a bit in denial about it until, hopefully. i see a little face on the screen next week x
  • It's gone soooo quickly for me!! (sorry, not meaning to sound braggy) It's definitely going quicker than last time, but I think running around like a headless chicken after DD and having moved house too seems to be speeding things up quite a lot, and it's worrying me a bit as it doesn't feel like there's enough weeks left until my due date lol, I've got so much to do before then!

    Hope your scans go well lovelies! xx

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