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  • Lucy85 - a broken ankle, that does not sound good!

    Soon2bjacks - Good luck for your doctors apt.

    I think we might ring and book the midwife soon!

    Off to work now!

  • Nice to see this DIM is filling up image

    Soon2bejacks, I also feel more sick if I am hungry as soon as I eat I feel better. My appetite has increased, I keep on reading you are supposed to lose your appetite in first few weeks, I am eating more then I'd normally would. Not what I really want lol I am also really bloated, clothes just look wrong at the moment.

    Lucy hope your ankle heals soon.

    J -dutch hope all goes well for you this time round. When do you have you early scan?

    Claire hope this is a sticky one for you also.

    Mummy30 hope you are feeling ok?





  • Morning ladies! How are we all feeling today? I'm definitely starting to feel more and more sick every day, which I'm certainly not enjoying! Also, not only am I bloated, by 4pm every day I pretty much look 6 months gone!!

    How's everyone OH getting on? I think it's still not sunk in with mine... I came home the other day saying I felt sick and he said 'Do you know I've been feeling a bit sick today too' ..... Oh dear. *rolls eyes*

    Hope everyone's getting on ok xxxx
  • Not doing too badly...still feeling rough, which is not great. but I am finding if I eat a little bit ever so often that seems to help.

    Yes, with the bloating! Driving me mad!

    Lying in bed on laptop today....might go do a wee bit of shopping later, find some bigger clothes!!

  • Hi ladies, congrats to all the may mummys. I am expecting my first bundle on May 12th. Had some horrible symptoms so far, I had to go to hospital on sunday as I waa in a lot of pain and the docs thought it waa ectopic, fortunately it was all fine and I got to see my little bean's hearbeat, which was amazing. Cant wait for next weeks scan. I have also been prescribed some anti sickness pills but I'm very nervous about taking them. Hope all our nasty symptoms clear up soon and that we all get the gorgeous pregnant lady glow : )
  • Hello girls... Mines due 27th may and this is my first so very nervous. I had 3 days of sickness and now no symptoms at all.Bit worried but hearing some others going through the same puts me at ease. It's such a worrying but also very exciting time... My first docs appointment today .. X
  • Hi girls and Bear3, I am also due 27th May. Having bloated days and bit of tiredness. Apart from cronic sore boobs, I have not been feeling sick at all. Managed to demolish every bit of food in the house...can't stop eating! Lol

  • Seeing midwife today, bit scared bacause i am on heparin injections. Have to have my first one today! Feeling really exausted, made myself take the dog for a long walk otherwise i would probably sleep all day. Anyone had a few little sharp pains, felt quite uncomfortable but seem to have gone now...was getting worried.x

  • Hi bambino bump... Good luck with the midwife. I had some sharp pains a while back which just came from nowhere but seem to have stopped now... I just feel sick for most of the day... Sort of comes in waves... Fresh air helps. I don't have sore boobs anymore which was a worry but having the sickness makes me still feel pregnant.. X
  • Hi, went to see the consultant and had a scan done, was not expecting that but am 6 weeks and 3 days. It was amazing to see it and a heart beat wow...had my first claxaine injection ouch still feels sore and already bruising can't believe i will need to do it everyday. They also put me on Asprin so better not cut myself!.

    Not as hungry as i was but feeling more tired everyday.

  • Oh wow, how amazing seeing your baby's heart beat... I'm only 2 days ahead of you... I've not even heard from a mid wife yet... My hunger comes and goes... Today I couldn't face eating till one in afternoon but then I eat loads... Do you have to inject yourself or you got to go to doctors everyday? Be worth it in the end.. X
  • Hi Bear3, i am due 27th May, my hubbies birthday, weird. I have to inject myself but its so sore i am sitting with ice on it. i am gonna have bruises everywhere. I know if things go ok it will be worth it. Baby had a strong heart beat so pleased about that.

  • I love how this group is slowly growing, looks like we are going to have a good group of ladies!

    We have seent he heartbeat, but only because we had an early scan. We have our first midwife apt next friday which weirdly I am looking forward to...

  • Oh I'm due 27th too...xx I'd love to have a scan... Not heard from midwife yet though which is worrying. Feel like nothing is going forward. Those injections don't sound nice.

    Hello claire, how exciting you have your first appointment through.
  • Hello ladies, I'm due on the 3rd and had my first midwife app last last Monday and Claire I was very excited. I think it's because it makes it feel more real.

    I have my first scan at 12 weeks on Sunday 21st and am so excited!!! Think it will be good for OH too image Only another 2 (and a bit) weeks!

    @Bambino those injections sound horrid! I hope you get on ok with them xx
  • Wow exciting soon2BJackx to only have to wait 2 weeks before you can relax, fingers crossed for us all. Seeing the scan makes it feel real especially when you don't feel hugely different at this stage.

  • Hi ladies. Well i am feeling a bit better this evening as i have stressed all day about having to give myself an injection today at tea time, to be pleasantly surprised as it didn't really hurt that much and after i put some ice on it, i actually think it might not bruise. i am sure after about a week i will get used to it. Although i worked it out as around 500 hundred injections before the baby is born so i won't be showing off my belly like you lucky lot.Hubby is saying all the right things bless him and he promised to buy me a belly support to cover it up...thanks dear.

    Hope your all doing ok and still excited about bumps. x

  • I am still feeling like poo, but I guess that has to be a good thing!

    Saw midwife today and she said I am due 7th of May - should be gettinmy booking scan soon!

    Bambinobump - glad to hear you are doing a bit better.

    Bear3 - how are you doing? You got a midwife apt yet?

  • Hey Claire , I'm going through the nausea phase now.. In a funny way I've been wanting to feel sick so that I feel pregnant and stop the worrying but now it's here I want it to go... Yeah had my first appointment today... At least I have the ball rolling now. X so here's to feeling sick girls..!!! : )
  • I bought some Ginger Chews from Holland & Barratt and they've really helped. They're a bit hot so I just have a little at a time but it's certainly eased it a little. xx

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