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12 week scan

Hi everyone.

Had my scan this morning and I am actually 13+2 which brings my EDD forward to 14/04/13.

Baby wouldnt play ball for ages, kept wriggling around, was upside down for most of the time so I had to go for a wee.  When I came back, baby was the right way round and drinking.  It was amazing to see babies mouth opening and closing.

We were in there for a good 25 mins and she showed us every single body part and the brain.  When she showed us the two thighs I am convinced I saw something between the legs but probably totally wrong.

Had the combined test but have to wait a week for the results. Fold was 2.5mm which is within the normal measurments.  I have told myself, whatever the outcome, I will love this baby as much as I love Sophie.  In a way, I wish I never got the combined test done. 



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