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Devon Mummy how did it go ????

I ve been thinking of you and checking BE for updates ,how was your scan ? Xxx


  • Hi Mummy 060409 thankyou so much for thinking about me! I was just about to post! Just got back from the scan and everything is fine image Was so so so relieved to see a little munchkin appear straight away on the screen! They've dated me a few days further along too so im now 12+5, dd April 20! Bubs had a fast heartbeat and neck fluid of 1.6mm which the sonographer said was fine. Fingers crossed combined with the other tests it comes back ok. Can start gettng excited now! Still not told many people ( incuding some family) so grateful if anyone who is FB friends doesnt post on my wall. I think bubs looks just like DD feature wise! I'm thinking boy, but then I did with DD too lol!

  • Fab fab fab news ,soooo happy for you hun. Bet its such a massive relief. Im waiting for tuesday for mine, it seems a,lifetime away !!!

    How effective is the nuchal fold reading alone , without the blood test ?

    Will be interesting to see if boy or girl. Are you finding out at next scan ? Xx
  • Brilliant news Devon mummy, really chuffed for you! Xx
  • thanks ladies x good luck for Tuesday mummy x good luck for next Tuesday x ps not going to find out sex as we like the surprise! we don't really have a preference anyway x
  • Soo glad all was good at your scan, ours is thursday x

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