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night waking

mollie didnt sleep very well the last 2 nights she has been waking she is really crying and sobing we thought it was because she lost her dummy but she never cries if she has lost it

tuesday night she woke at 11.30pm i calmed her down and she went back to bed and stayed asleep till 7am 

last night she woke at 10pm then at 3.30am and again at 4.45am 

dont know why she is waking but she is so upset and she hasnt done night waking for ages


  • Oh dear,not good then.

    Have you read the post on night terrors as rileys started at about a yr old,we had moved twice tho and as his room was on the front of the flat it didnt help with the noise.

    Not saying its this but has anythink been going on outside at night that could have woken her(starteled he)(sp)

  • Sounds like she is definately teething, Hollie is the same at the moment waking and screaming. Have you tried giving her a little bit of caplopl to settle her before she goes to bed as that may stop her waking if she is in pain.
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