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my little 'girl' arrived 17th sept 2012

hi little girl has been born..rather interesting birth for me this time. orginal plan was to go to hosp when ready, get granny to babysit my first little boy and labor and deliver in the pool!! well didnt exsactly go to plan!!

felt odd all day on the 17th...nothing went to plan! first cat was sick all over my little boys bed..had a visit to the laundrette...then cooked tea for my child and my sisters two children aswell as myself and my mum..during i  managed to set fire to not only a kitchen towl but all so the grill! knightmare but sorted it started raining and my washing was outside...thought nothing else could happen except maybe impending labor!! we laughed that would be funny to end the day..

while cooking a noticed i had a sore back but thought hey ive just cooked for the 5 thousand..asked my mum to stay and help me get my little boy in and out of bath..back was sore. mum went and i sat down to a restful evening!!

felt tired and thought i would go to bed around for a bit and went to sleep around 8pm....come 10pm i woke with awful pains and stomach cramps...thought labor but wasnt sure as had awful explosive diarrhoea (sorry to much info!) anyway pains kept coming..very strong alot stronger than my first pregancy but went straight into two min contractions like first pregnancy labor. things felt they were hotting up very quickly. rang my mum around 10.30pm and said things had started..mum was going to be a birthing partner, aswell as hubby and twin sister. mum is also a midwife. rang hubby to come home form night shift around 10.45pm and rang sister who was ill and couldnt come..oddly she had stomach cramps and diarrhoea!!

hubby arrived home around 11pm..and i felt i needed to go to hosp. couldnt wait for granny to come so said to mum to take me in and get hubby to meet us there. contractions were sooo strong..felt like the ones u get around 7-8 cms dilated. at 11.10pm i started getting pushy feelings and knew then i couldnt get in the car and keep still. contractions were getting worse. 11.15pm i had a god almighty urge to push standng at the front door waiting for mum and ran upstairs to the loo..had another bowel movement anf mum arrived and asked hubby where i was!! he said loo...she ran upsatirs and got me off the loo onto the bathroom floor. mum rang a community midwife friend to come and she was on her way. she had all the home delivery kit....another push and my waters broke, water gushed onto the floor. mum shouted to hubby to get towels and then pushing really began. 3 - 4 pushes later head was delivered and one more big push and my baby girl arrived...from start to finish was an hour and half!!! baby was born 11.25pm.... i was in so mush shock..couldnt stop shaking!! absolute madness!!! just couldnt believe i had a home birth that quick..christ people say seconds are quicker but seriously!! my first was 13 hrs long...quite a difference!! baby weighed 8lb 3oz..alot smaller than my first midwife turned up and helped cut cord etc.....

after all sorted i went to bed and we settled for the evening. was actually really nice just to go to bed in my own bed after...mad birth but all was ok. have say i defo prefered my first childs labor even though longer. this one although quick was intense and could of been very scary...realised if i hadnt of rang people when i did and they got here quickly i would of ended up laboring on my own on a floor some where!!!

feel very gratful to my mum. hope everyone is well. xxxxxxxxxx


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