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Hi karen here Went to doc got 2 blood tests done said i wasnt ov. im 16 and half stone she said i was obese she said that was why i wasnt ov. Loads of women out there heavier han me getting pregnant. Really scared and upset


  • Don't get upset, it doesn't mean you aren't ovulating every month. It could just be that that particular month you didn't ovulate. There are a whole number of reasons why this happens, and your gp should have discussed them with you.

    Being obese doesn't help, but it doesn't stop you from ovulating. Has your gp said anything about testing you for PCOS or hypothyroidism?

    Back in 2008 I had two periods, between January and November. I didn't think anything of it because I was planning my wedding for the september and it was a welcome loss at the time. But getting back off of honeymoon, my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby so I went to the gp and they found that I had hypothyroidism. They started me on medication and my periods returned to a normal 29 day cycle almost immediately.

    I always struggled with weight loss before but now that my hormone levels are back to a Normal range, I find I can lose weight fairly easily.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks judith it does. She just zoned in to weight issue and me going to weight watchers. bloods also showed i had a slightly underactive thyroid. she did take much note of it. said that shudnt be affecting my ovulating.

    did u have ur baby judith?

    People have told me bout clomid. might go to different gp and move from there
  • Yes, my son is two and a half now. It still took us 9 months to conceive, I used the clearblue fertility monitor in the end and fell pregnant on the second month of using it. It is expensive but a worthy investment once you know you're ovulating.

    Did you gp give you any meds for the under active thyroid? It depends on your hormone level, but of course it could affect your ovulation.

    I didn't get as far as chlomid last time, and my gp was reluctant to give it to me as it can reduce the cervical mucus, which is what you need for the sperm to live in your body to find your eggs.

    I know you probably feel a bit in limbo at the moment, but try not to let it upset you. Could you see another gp?

  • Getting my period every month but she said my progesterone was only at 15 on day 24 of cycle. so it meant i hadnt ovulated.Going to go see a family doc going to try and loose weight first. i am nearly 34 so time is pushing on.

    Alot of stories i hear seem to come bach to chlomid but i did read bout mucus dont know what else can be done for me.

    Great you have your little boy.

    Yes im in limbo its hard for my partner to understand what i going through
  • Hello Karen, I just wanted to respond to your message about doctors and weight(im sure they say that because they cant think of anything else!) I started off at 19 1/2 stone and had such irregular periods it was stupid. was trying for a baby, they did all the test and bloods showed i did not ovulate for 3 lots of day 21 bloods.They ofcourse blamed me for the lack of pregnancy and sent me away to lose weight without testing my husband. I went on the cambridge diet and lost 6 stone in 18 weeks, fast i know but I do not really care, I had to get rid of the weight! When I hit 16 1/2 stone my periods went to every 28 days and I ovulated! even the cysts on my ovaries went! Still I did not get pregnant with all the weight going so they decided to test my husband, low and behold he had no sperm! hence no pregnancy! what I am trying to say is lose some weight and no doubt you will kick start your body to ovulate! 34 is young, i am 29 but plenty of older woman get pregnant. i am currently 20 weekswith a little boy withthe help of ivf/icsi, you will get there just have a bit of a body overhaul and enjoy the baby making! lots of love. george

  • Thanks greatly apreciated. Did u go to gp to get ur husband checked out. Heard of this diet containing alot of aloe vera drinks going to try that. Bit depressing when a doc looks at you with disgust when they see the size of your ass!!

    Congrads on your pregnancy xx
  • I did get my husband to the gp and he gave his sample at the fertility clinic, aloe vera made me vomit, tastes revolting and doesnt actually help with weight loss, just cut out the junk! how miserable, just have a try. Doctors, well seeing the obs and gynie doctor today she instantly went at me about my weight and I said I appreciate your concerns and I am working on resolving the weight gain, she was speechless, very funny, do not let these people make you feel less of a person because you are carrying extra weight, I work with doctors as a nurse and they just need to be reminded they are not God!

  • I'm not sure if this will help, but I'm currently doing the low gi diet which is meant to be great for those sufferers of PCOS and I've lost 6lbs in two weeks. I'm using tesco diets to provide my meal plans and my fitness pal application on my iphone to track my calories. It's working a treat and is fairly easy to do. I'm half a stone heavier now than I was when I conceived my son. I know that's not going to make much difference to us conceiving now (we have been trying for six months already) but it will definitely make me feel better and my diet is a lot healthier than it was 3 weeks ago.

    Laurelladie - does your gynie expect you to diet when 20 weeks pregnant?!

  • Hello Judith,she doesnt expect me to diet but does expect me to put no more weight on!i will do slimming world to perhaps help my portion sizes but if i want a bag of salt and vinigar crisps(my biggest pregnancy love) aswell as a bowel of fresh prawn cocktail( my other pregnancy love) then i will have them. Slimming world is the only club/diet you can do in pregnancy.the tesco diet sounds a good idea, will look at that.

  • Life is never easy ladies is it. easy to eat not easy to get it off. i hear fertility clinic costs 200hundred if we go down that road be worth it to check his sperm count.

    Cheek of thoses doctors laurel u are pregnant u can think about what u eat when u have baby.

    thanks judith will look into that. a friend of mine lost 3 stone i over 2mnths with the aloe vera and other things in it will try them all to get a baby.

    Lots of love ladies x
  • Hey ladies,

    think im cracking up lost stone and half on aloe gel think im cracking up though thought i was pregnant this mnh. cramps for a whole two wks before period. then day 24 of cycle saw what i thought was spotting then day 28 worst period ever. Feel like giving. Dont know if im ovulating. Feel like a complete failure as a woman.

    Help please regards karen
  • Awww hun try not to get too down about it - you are not a failure of a woman at all. Well done on losing so much weight! That's fantastic! Now go back to your doctors - maybe try a different dr this time? See if you are ovulating yet. And if you aren't - ask for help ovulating. Could they not give you clomid - you are proving that you are losing weight. They can't discriminate against you becuase you are overweight.


  • Thanks for replying. have so much pressure around me with family wanting to know when we going to start a having a family. Everyone around me me seems yo.pregnant at moment and its breaking my heart. cant help but get angry. going to go to family doc next mnth and get bloods hopefully. is clomid good?
  • I don't know - I haven't had to use it - I had no problems last time get pg. BUt I know quite a few people who have used it - its used to sort of induce ovulation in those who aren't ovulating. I obviously dont know the ins and outs and I am not a dr so don't kow if there are certain things you need to do first and I don't know if you possibly have to get it from the fertility clinic after you've been referred? BUt I might be wrong. I am sure there are quite a few ladies on here who have used it who might be able to help you. 

    I think you have to be firm and stand your ground Karen - don't leave that GP surgery until they agree to help you. You have just as much right as anyone else to get help if you need it. 


  • Ya i hope gp can give it im really stressed out about whole baby making thing now and that cant be helping either. so many people out there plan it down to the mnth wish life was that easy x
  • Hi Karen, Sorry to but in here but I don't think they will just put you on clomid straight away without doing other investigate tests first! Def try and lose some weight but do it in a manageable sensible way-Quick fixes never work in the long term!! Doing some mad diet will only make the weight come back on twice as much once you stop.

    I know how you feel in regards to people getting pregnant all around you-its the same with me and I get jealous and wonder what i did wrong to not be able to concieve at the drop of a hat like others, but I have to try and stay positive and believe that one day it will be me.

    I have been TTC for 2 years but only found out last year i have PCOS (def get checked for this!!) and then this year after moving to a new area I had hubby tested and then I had loads of day 21 and day 1-4 blood tests and then they did a HSG (where they flush dye through the tubes to see if they clear) and then after that came back clear they have put me on Clomid due to lack of ovulation. I'm on my 3rd cycle at the moment and have been ovulating on it. Apprently it only has a 40% success rate (so isn't a wonder drug) but I'm hoping it will work for me.

    I definatley reckon that for you just even losing 1/2 a stone would make an impact and just upping physical excercise too will help with the stress factor. I enjoy aqua fit-that way i don't get all sweaty but still getting a workout and helps me relax.

    Like the others have said-stand firm with the doctors. Say your losing the weight but that in the mean time can they refer you for more tests?

    Hope they listen to you and you get some answers.


  • Thanks am controlling my weight eating calories to suit my weight and to burn off have a crosstrainer go on that every nite so i do physical exercise. What pcos?

    I have now read about clomid disadvantage is it dries up mucus which helpS semen enter vagina. people every month have 25 to 30 percent chance of getting pregnant. Clomid people have actually an extra 10 percent on top of couples who can concieve naturally. There is also a chance of multiples with clomid.

    Going to doctor next wk id say tell her my history. Im not very confrontational. Find it hard to speak up to people who think they know wats best for me like the doctors. Going to stand my ground this time though I got my results of those serious blood tests for me over the phone i was devastated.

    How old are you wifey if you dont kind me asking?
  • Hi, PCOS is where the follices fail to mature due to the incorrect balance of hormones and end up trapped in your ovaries (on a scan the ovary looks all bumpy). It can cause excess weight that is hard to shift, excessive hair,infertility and other problems that off the top of my head i can't recall. I know that i really should follow a low GI diet to control the blood sugar levels which affect the hormones due to the condition. I love chocolate so i find this really hard. Yes Clomid has lots of side effects-hot flushes, mood swings, drying up CM to name a few, all of which im experiencing. Going to buy pre seed this month to help with the CM issue. I have read loads of success stories of those on clomid-some concive quicker than others and others it takes 6 months plus but like I said i hope it does work. I've just turned 28.
  • I hope it works too. Just turned 34 need a fix soon want to have a few kids years pushing on. 28 is a good age to be fixing all this now. I hope my age i might get started on clomid fast.

    I know choc is a killer but 4 squares of dairy milk you could have a day it is on 100calories that would be well burnt off in the pool

    Those success sound encouraging from clomid
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