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I think Ive been feeling a few flutters the last few days! Am 14+5 so hoping they're going to become more regular. Can't wait for the reassurance of regular movement!! Anyone else? Xx


  • Me! at least I hope it is, get a few twitches in belly now and again, plus I had one kinda big swishy like baby had rolled over, I'm amazed I can feel this so early, I'm only 13 + 3 x
  • Hi Wilma i'm new here, is this your first baby?

    I felt my first at about 12 weeks, i had a consultant appt at 13 weeks and they asked if i had felt any movements, i said i had and asked if it was possible and they said yes definitely, so i knew it wasn't just my imagnation!

    This time i've been feeling tiny flutters from about 10 weeks, just after 13 weeks i got quite a strong (for that age) little kick, amazing, i love it, definitely my favourite part of being pregnant! x

  • This is my 3rd pregnancy to get to this stage but the second I lost at 20 weeks. With my first the baby was sitting behind the placenta so I didn't feel anything til muh later so its quite nice to be feeling something already! Xx
  • Glad it's not just me, had been thinking it was my mind playing tricks. Also had some stronger ones today like someone twanging my tummy with an elastic band. I'm 14+2. Noticed the fluttering last weekend.
  • Ele09, is your due date 10th April? I'm also 14+2! image
  • ooooo im pretty sure im having some movements now! ( 14 weeks on saturday!) This is my second baby and last time I didnt feel anything until 17 weeks!

  • I'm sure I've been feeling some flutters too! I'll be 15 weeks on Saturday, and didn't feel anything last time til about 17 weeks xx

  • i actually came on here to discuss this, its my first pregnancy so i have no idea what it feels like, but i just felt something, ive never felt before.. it actually made me freeze and think.... what is that?! lol.. felt like my stomach got a little bit tighter and a hugee swoooosh in my lower belly.. only lasted about 3 seconds image as i would imagine, baby doing a spin! image

  • I have also just logged on to ask same thing ,ive been having these feelings for the last few days. Im 13+4 today, with my 2 nd xx
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