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Breech baby

Hey, So my girl is being stubborn (obv takes after her daddy!!!) and is still head up! How many others are in the same position? I'm over 35 weeks now so just praying she turns, I really want another natural birth!!! Xx


  • hey Becs, our little lady has been breech, transverse and oblique in the space of a month lol! think she is head down now as she feels really low and its uncomfortable to walk and bump ha dropped right down now, what did the MW say? not sure what number of weeks they allow for turning? xx

  • Must just be girls eh?! MW has said if she is still breech next appointment, a week tomorrow, then we have to go for scan etc!

    It's all new to me, my son was head down from 30 weeks!! Managed labour on just gas and air so obviously want to go for that again!!
  • Mines is breech as 36 week scan today. Not fussed if baby doesn't turn cos.i am booked in for a section.
  • hopefully she will turn in time so you can have your natural birth xx

  • Hello!  I have an awkward breech bubba!  Had a scan last week and they booked me in for a turn (which they attempted yesterday), didn't work, bum is well and truly lodged into my pelvis so I'm now booked in for a section next week image xx

  • What was the turn like mrsS1981? I've got my midwife appointment Friday, so hopefully she has turned anyway!

  • It was fine! I was quite anxious about it as people like to tell horror stories but my consultant was lovely. He tried twice to lift baby's bum out of my pelvis but its too far engaged so he stopped. Don't worry if they suggest it image You can say stop at any time! xx
  • Well my next appointment was on Friday but i have been asked to go in today as i have severe itching, rash and nose bleeds along with swelling of hands and feet (which is odd as i really havent put weight on anywhere apart from bump and boobies).

    So i will find out today if she has turned, fingers are crossed, along with toes and everything else! 


  • Blimey, hope everything is okay! xx

  • Well baby is now in position! She is back to back but at least I can deliver naturally!

    Waiting for blood results to see if my liver is playing up, I don't think it is, I'm willing to bet ill get a 'its just a pregnancy thing' lol!!!
  • Oh well that's good news! You can encourage her to to move round by lying on your left and doing some yoga moves! I hope your blood tests come back okay, I had a test done as I had itching earlier in my pregnancy but luckily they came back fine x

  • Well blood results are back, it's not my liver, phew! But they have said my anaemia has got worse and blood count is very low, which will explain me feeling generally rough! Getting iron tablets from the docs and prob a massive tub of aqueous cream to soothe the itching! O well not long to go now!

  • so pleased to hear it's nothing serious Becs! hopefully the iron tablets will sort you out and you feel much better soon image like you say not long to go now, she'll soon be here image xx

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