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Where are you?

Hello everyone! Hope beans are all behaving and super sticky! A few of us were chatting and got me thinking, where is everyone from? So let's introduce ourselves. image Name: Age: Pregnancy number/ siblings: Hometown:


  • Emma, 27, pg number 3 - 1 dd (who's 2) + 1 mc (8 weeks 2 days) + due 11th June 2013, York
  • Noshin - 35 - pp number 3 - 2 dd's age 2 + 3 image

  • Lisa, 28, baby 2 (ds from previous relationship is 8), not sure of exact due date but be in first week or 2 of June 2013, from Brough just outside Hull xx
  • Gráinne - 38 - 1 dd 20 months, 1mc Feb 2012, due early June not sure of date, from Derry N.Ireland, live in Bishop Auckland County Durham.

  • Amy 25, 7th pregnancy-DD1 is 9, 3 early losses before 8 weeks, DS stilborn at 25+5 weeks, DD2 14 months. Due June 19th 2013 from Wales =D

  • Hi, I am Lorna, I am 37, pg 4, 1 mc, ds1 is 10 next month and ds2 was 3 2 days ago. We live in Scotland.
  • Naomi, 28. First pregnancy, due 7th June live in London x
  • Oooo wow we have a real mix of areas, ages and pg numbers!
  • Im steph, i'm 26 and this is my 1st pregnancy after trying for 10 months. I live in bolton image
  • Hi ladies

    I'm Sandy, 37yrs old. 2nd pregnancy.....I'm hoping this little one is sticking around after mc in August

    Not sure on due date.....6-12th June

    Sunny south Wales xxxxx
  • Hi Ladies, I'm Emma, 31yrs old.. 3rd Preg. 1 MC in Jan 2012 and DD Nov 2010

    I live in Kent xxx

    Not sure on Due Date... either 15th or 21st June xx

  • Hi ladies..

    Im amy 26 years old live in essex

    1st preg due 7th june

  • Amy I gotta ask.....are you a true Essex (towie) style girl? image
  • Lol no im the total opposite.....!!! Hahaha

    Im a minute drive from where its all filmed and also went to school with a few of them! Its all 'based' on real life but extremely exaggerated lol

    How are all you lovely mummies to be anyway?

    Ive got ante natal tomorrow so fingers x all is well!

    Question to ladies who are yummy mummies what stage dis u start showing?

  • Lol....well I had to ask image

    I find it alllll so funny....its like Hollywood in England!

    I'm good thank-you. Very tired and mood swings lol

    Well with my first I got a full belly by 9 weeks but a totally obvious bump wasn't till about 12-13 weeks image
  • 20 dartford and first bubba. I feel like a baby here lol x
  • Missy moo......Awww image Young in age doesn't always mean young in mind! image
  • ah Missy moo, just down the road from me!!!

    Chralies Devil where abouts in Essex are you?

  • Baby boom i cannot stand the programme! Lol

    Full belly at 9 weeks is early! Ive got wat i call a 'podge' lol

    Lib im in romford...bout 20 mins from dartford bridge!

    I had ny first antenatal yesterday and got to go for bloods today which i am really dreading...(neva had blood test before)
  • Charlie's - how did your blood test go? X
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