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PCOS and Bicornuate uterus

Hi, I'm new to the site and was just looking for some information if anyone has PCOS and a bicornuate uterus. Not sure if I have posted in the right place :-/ We have been TTC for 2 years and after the first 18months the doctor finally listened and started testing. I'm only 22 and they kept saying I was too young etc. After looking at my records they realised that my mom had to have clomid to have me, So I think that's when he took me seriously. Any way he did loads of bloods and confirmed I have PCOS. He referred me to the fertility clinic at our local hospital. Where i was told if everything was ok I could have clomid. She put me in for an ultrasound both external and internal and a HSG X-ray. I have now had the HSG and they have discovered that I have a bicornuate uterus please I you have suffered both can I have your story, I feel a bit of a failure right now. Not sure what the next step is... Thank you


  • Hiya

    I don't have exactly the same as you but similar, I have a unicornuate uterus, no tubes and PCOS! I've been to see a specialist and have been told that there is no reason why I cannot have a normal pregnancy although Miscarriage and prem birth are a high risk for me. Alot of people do not know they have unicornuate uterus until after they give birth. Because I have no tubes though I have had to have IVF, I've just had first cycle but unfortunately got BFN, am hoping to try again soon.

    Let me know how you get on x

  • Thank you for your reply, I'm sorry to hear that it wasn't successful fingers crossed for your next cycle.

    I believe the risks will be similar for me too, I have an internal and external ultrasound next week so will let you know how that goes. I think it's to look at the extent of my PCOS?

    Good luck

  • Hi Boofle_Boo

    How did Ultrasounds go?? Were they able to tell you what next step is?

    Hope you're managing to stay positive x

  • Hello,

    I have been told I have a slight Bicorunuate Uterus. I think from reading and from talking to the midwife, it depends on how extreme the 'horn' is. Severe ones might need surgery, but otherwise, you might be ok.

    Get the scans and get the information, and don't panic about all the things you might read on the internet x x

    I hope that helps?

  • Hi

    I'm sorry I have only just seen these!

    My scans were ok and showed that my one ovary is more Poly than the other. I have had an appointment with the consultant today and he never mentioned my womb once and prescribed me Clomifene. I spoke to my fertility specialist after (she's an angel) and she eased my mind, told me that although there maybe complications it is nothing to overly worry about! Most likely problem is a breech baby. The only other thing is that the clomifene can make you have multiple pregnancies so they will only let me try if I release less than 3 eggs at one time.

    Fingers crossed.

    How are you ladies getting on?

  • Hiya

    Glad everything seems to be going to plan. Yeah I was told would probs have to have caesarien as my uterus is so small the baby wouldn't be able to move properly image

    I'm still waiting!! Ggggrrr it's so frustrating sometimes. Got to have two more AF before can go for FET so will probs be at least another 2 months before anything happens.

    Keep in touch xx



  • I think the bit before the treatment is the worst part! I feel loads better now with a treatment plan.

    Fingers crossed time flies for you,

    I am on day 4 of Clomi now so will find put next week if it's working! As i'm not having any side effects I don't think it is x
  • Hi Boofle_Boo

    How's everything going with you??

    I've finally started treatment again for FET.  It should hopefully be 20th December image.  It going to be a very long, very sober festive period ha ha x

  • Hello!

    It's actually fantastic news! I'm 13 + 4 days pregnant!! Can't believe that round 1 of clomid has worked!

    I had my scan on Monday and everything seems fine baby is in the perfect place and seems to have loads of room! Only thing is I will have extra scans every 4 weeks from 24 weeks!

    Sorry I didn't tell you!

    I hope everything goes well for you! X
  • OMG that is fantastic news!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!! image

    Don't worry I'm sure you've had plenty of other things on your mind!! Let me know how everything goes, hopefully I'll be going through same very soon.


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