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HELP please.

Ive been trying  to conceive with my partner for just over a year now, any HELP or TIPS of getting pregnant!?


  • well I thought you just had to have intercourse around ovulation time (as well as other times of course!); we have been doing this for just over a year now so beats me!!!!

    good luck!x

  • I thought it was pretty simple as well, but after 2 years and still no bfp.

    Just make sure your dtd every 2-3 days throughout the month. Try ovulation kits or tracking BBT to track ovulation if your not sure when that is. Eat well and get regular exercise.... This is what my doc said on our first visit. We went to see our doc after 1 year of trying so it might be worth booking an appointment if your concerned.
  • Well there are lots of ways to get pregnant- apparently being on the dole helps, as does having a heavy drink/drugs/smoking habit. If you're healthy and have a stable environment ready to bring a child up in then getting pregnant can be virtually impossible! I've been trying for almost 3 years now image And yes....I'm having a bitter day! lol. Best thing you can do is go to the drs and see if they would be willing to initiate fertility testing. 

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