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any clomid success stories

hi im am new to this web site, im just wondering if anyone can share there stories with me about clomid? me and my husband have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years with no success. About 2 month ago we was referred to the assisted conception unit and have had day 3 and day 21 bloods which showed my progestrone was low on day 21 and have had a hycosy which showed my tubes were fine as well as ovaries.My husband has done a sperm sample too which showed he had 'lazy sperm' as the doctor said but didnt seem too concerned about that.He has prescribed me clomid 50mg and i have to go back on day 21 for blood test. I am currently on day 9  of my cycle i took clomid on day 2-6 i have had a few side affects ie mood swings which my poor hubby has had to deal with lol , hot flushes and for the last few nights i have been feeling sickly when i get in bed not sure whether this id down to clomid. please could people share their success stories with me so emotional at the minute feel like we are never going to become parents xxx


  • Hello Mrs Dillon I have also been TTC for almost 3 years, it is our 3 year wedding anniversary in Jan and it feels so strange to still be childless and I am in my mid 30s...

    I am currently half way through the 2ww after our first full cycle of IUI with 100mg clomid on days 2-6.  I had some hot flushes like you but no mood swings, I seem to have them nowimage i will find out early next week if we have been sucessful. Good luck with your TTC journey xx

  • Hi lucymatt thanks for your reply I am new to this forum so not up to date with all the abbreviations lol. I know how u feel about being childless feel like its never going to happen image that's good that's your not having mood swings I've been driving hubby mad lol, I have been using the test strips and apparently I ovulated on day 13 but I went to my consultant on Friday and she said not to trust them but had my day 21 bloods Friday so should get results 2mz fingers crossed af doesn't come for both of us image good luck xxxx
  • Hi Mrs Dillon good luck with your journey.  I hope your 21 day bloods comes back good.  My Drs wouldn't let me have 21 day bloods!! I would have liked to have known if I did actually ovulate... I've been spotting since last Thurs and have a negative pregnancy test on Sat and today, onto the next cycle.

  • Hi the little girl in my profile picture is my closed miracle. 50mg cycle days 1-5 and we got our BFP on the 2nd month on Christmas day xx
  • Hi lucymatt got my results progestrone was 48 so the clomid worked and I've ovulated just hope we caught it in time have to wait until Friday then test image trying not to get my hopes up but find it hard not to. Have you not tested to early I would leave a couple of days then test again if af doesn't show, Good luck image xxx

    Torch2010 it's great to hear a positive story how long was you trying for? Xxx
  • hi Mrs Dillon,

    How did you get on with test? hope you dont mind me jumping on the post, iv just signed up to this site looking for friends and advice as im about to start my clomid treatment first time ever next week xx

  • Hi Costella, thanks for the message in new too and find it helpful listening to other people stories too, clomid worked and I ovulated on day 13 my progestrone was 48 according to the blood test but af came yesterday image 4 days late so I have just started my second round of clomid hopefully this time it mite work how long have you been trying for? Good luck with your first clomid xxx
  • thank you image i start as soon as my AF comes - which is a bit all over the place because of PCOS, i have been given Provera tablets to take for 10 days to bring on my cycle, im currently on day 6 today so AF should come hopefully a few days after day 10. im so nervous about starting Clomid just for the fact it might casue mood swings (and i get enough of them already LOL) what MG dose have they started you on? iv got 50 to begin with - hopefully you get lucky on your second try image at least its working as in you ovulated - my doctor has given me 3 months worth but only one referral for a blood test after thethird month - which is really frustrating as i dont know if it is working for Ovulation until after the full 3 months - im surprised i didnt get offered the blood test after each try with clomid as the gist i seem to get from everyone on here - maybe i should go back and ask?


  • Hi Costella I would ask for day 21 bloods do you know whether there working I have to go for day 21 bloods this month and if I don't get caught this month I have to take them for a third month but on day 10 have to go for an ultrasound to see what's happening. I have been started on 50mg and they have worked the first month I got mood swings but I get them anyway lol and was having hot sweats but started my second last night and I haven't had anything they say it's better at night so you don't get many symptoms . Hope your AF comes soon then you can start clomid I wouldn't worry to much about the mood swings I just warned the hubby in advance lol good luck xxx
  • can anybody tells me after taking clomid when will be the exact time for fertility?My menses comes on 18 oct,19 Nov and 20 Dec 2012.

    1. This is consider how many days? is it 30 days, 31 or 32 days long menses?

    2. is it making love must be 3 days before ovaluation day?

    3. When is my fertile day?

    Coz' after taking clomid my menses keep delay one to two days.

    I just trying to conceive, can someone help me up please?

    I really need help

    My email: /forum/smilies/[email protected]][email protected]

  • Im on my second cycle of clomid 50mgs and the mood swings have been horrendous. took the pills at night to minimize side effects but still got headaches and insomnia. not fun but well worth it if I get my BFP this cycle. I already have a 16 month old boy who is gorgeous. conceived naturally before I found out I had polycystic ovaries! they noticed I had huge ovaries during a routine pregnancy scan but I wasn't concerned because I was already pregnant. its only an issue now that im trying for baby number two!   

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