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20 weeks.. but still can't feel baby kicks....


i'm 20 weeks now..with a baby boy .... all my scans and test reports are normal.. but i still can't feel my baby kicks...  this's my frst pregnancy and donno why i'm still not able to feel his moves...

Read so many stories online and in many books that baby moves , kicks, hiccups , rolls any many more things will be noticed by moms... 

i'm so worries that i'm missin all these stuff.. and what could be the reason??? can any one help????


  • Hi I didn't feel my first move until just over 21 weeks. 23 weeks is the average so plenty of time. Try having a really cold drink and laying still for 15 minutes. x
  • Also I didn't feel regular movements until around 26-27 weeks x
  • Hi I'm nearly 18 wks with twins and I don't think I've felt them move either, think it was around now when I felt my first move so thought I would be feeling them when there's 2, there's a big hard lump when I lie down though so I know they're in there somewhere x image

  • Hello and congratulations! image Sometimes the placement of the placenta or baby can be a barrier to feeling movement early. Give it a few weeks and I'm sure that they'll be using your bladder as a trampoline and be able to feel it! image x
  • Thanks all .... !! iI think i felt something yesterday.. when i was in a movie theatre... like some rolling thing... but nothing after that...!!! The same thing i felt 2 weeks back on my b'day.. but thought it was jus gas moving.... not sure what it is...

    are there any positions or tips to identify baby moves???

  • The only way I can describe it is like tummy rumble really low down. Later on it is more like a popping sensation and then it's proper kicks. I found having a cold drink and laying still worked and then later on laying on my right side for a few moments would get her moving xx
  • i only started to feel my baby kick at around 21 weeks - before that I wasnt sure , but it felt kinda like a bubbling sensation in my tummy - also felt like slow rolling. It'll change very soon and you'll know all about it!

    Congrats! image

  • With my first i was feeling little kicks at about 19 weeks & regular, harder kicks at about 22 weeks. I'm currently 24+3 with my 2nd & only started feeling movement at 22-23 weeks!! Don't worry you'll be feeling baby before long image x
  • feelin some sort of moves inside.... like gas moves.... some soft rolls .. woow is it my baby moving?????

  • Sounds like it! A bit like bubbles rumbling up from your lower tummy maybe? image Amazing, eh?
  • Its really a great feel...!!!! waiting to feel more kicks soon......


  • hello friends

    im actually worried about my baby's movement. my last pregnancies i felt movement from 18 weeks but this time i don't feel anything im 20 weeks and 2 days today and still no movemen. is it normal or do i need to get it checked out or shsll i eait my scan date is on 13 th octobe. please help me 

  • hey

    im 24 weeks and only just started feeling kicks - dont worry... have you had the flutters?

    You wait until baby starts punching and kicking ha-ha


  • aww bless you i don't feel anything yet as my other pregnancies i had early movements just im curious not feeling anything as of yet. my new partner is unpatient to feel his first baby movin. lol every night he puts his hand on my tummy to feel the baby moving but unfortunately nothing happen. he will say oohh i thought u said baby moves alot how come i don't feel it, told him to be patien. 

  • Hi with my first pregnancy i never did feel her kick once only when i got over 30 weeks i use to see my tummy move but also could have been me breathing and use to feel her feet in my ribs but never and movment strange i no im hoping i will feel them this time around but if any of yous are worried contact ur midwife im sure she can ease ur mind x

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