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not coping with my miscarriage

Hi i am looking for tip or advice i had a miscarriage 3 month ago thought i was coping with are loss but my true feelings I feel all alone not coping with life very well Wright now patner has not got a clue im hiding my feelings from him the best i can its just been to births in his family his sister & his daughter both had a little boys but looking at the photos just upsets me cuz of what happened to are baby dont get me wrong i am happy for them but also feel empty & so alone inside trying to keep a happy face as my patner is a proud granddad & uncle . what can i do i am so scared of boxing day as we will be spending it with my patners sister scared of seeing the babby and freaking out !! Im sat hear writnig this with tears rolling down my face but my patner does not have a clue as he is in bed its the only time i can cry when he is not around .

please help


  • hi.sorry for your loss. i know how u feel.i lost my baby at 9weeks on friday.and my brother in laws wife is 5months pregnant it hurts. i have had 2 other mc. the last one 4yrs ago i then went on to have my daughter now 2. i also have 4 boys. please be brave. its very hard but if you still want a baby dont give sure we will both get a sticky bfp very soon. take care. x

  • hello love, dont worry, it will be ok. we're all here for support and advice. are you planning on trying again? i miscarried last month and as im young and it was my first i was overly excited and unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage. my partner wasnt coping well but kept his feelings from me which resulted in me going out, getting drunk and becoming very violent with him. i stayed away for 2 days and when i returned he told me his feelings and i was able to help support him. noone can support you better than your partner. i would recommend having a talk, nothing too heavy, just to let him know you need some help here and there. as for boxing day, dont worry. i took faith in the fact that although i was meant to have that baby, these mums didnt have to suffer and one day i will have my baby. and look now, im now 5 weeks pregnant again. just look to your future and build on things, if you are meant to be pregnant you will be, patience is a virtue and it pays off. im always here anyway.

    debs x

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