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Am i having a miscarriage?

Hia, im really worried. Im 6 weeks preg only found out a few days ago . Me and hubby been trying for 3 yrs with no luck so we are over the moon. Until today i started having period pains which i wasnt so concerned about until i went to toilet and there was pinkish blood so i put a pad on just incase. Anyway its been a few hours and im bleeding more its looks and feels like a period, my pad isnt full of blood but when i wipe theres alot on tissue! I havnt seen a midwife yet so dont no how to get into contact wih her ! Im really upset as im only 22 and very healthy! Does this sound like a miscarriage to any of you? Im not in majour pain just period cramps! But i dont have any preg symptoms anymore either (tender breast) ! And heres no sign of clots in the blood! Advice anyone? Thanku in advance


  • Hi emzi, sorry your experiencing this; it may be everything will be ok cos it can be quite common for women to bleed during pregnancy but I wod get yourself to the doctors and they will probably book you in with early pregnancy unit. Hope everything will be ok x
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