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Cystitis after sex

I get cystitis each time I have sex with my partner. We don't use condoms as we are TTC  but when we did use condoms at the start of our relationship, I didn't get cystitis, so i think I must be getting bacteria from my boyfriend. 

Now I am worried about this as I had chlamydia a few years ago for 9 months. I had no symptoms and it was treated successfully with antibiotics. Before I had chlamydia, I never had cystitis after sex so I'm  wondering if I the reason I get it all the time now is because I had chlamydia and this caused damage to my cervix and fallopian tubes and has left me prone to infection. 

I am so worried chlamydia has damaged me and made me infertile. 

Has anyone else been through a similar experience and still managed to have a baby? 

Thank you. 


  • Hiya, I had chlamydia about 6 years ago and I've had cystitis a few times too! I don't think they're related... Not sure though! Anyway I'm now 19 weeks pregnant so it hasn't affected me!! Good luck I'm sure everything is fine image
  • The way to prevent cystitis from sex is to always have a wee straight after see the reason you get cystitis is because a little bit of bacteria goes into your urethra. If you have a wee it simply flushes away anything alien and 'cleans' your urethra. I suffer from the same problem. Every now and again I think I won't have a wee, it'll be ok... and then I nearly always get cystitis.
  • Hi, thanks for your replies. I actually discovered on xmas eve that Im pregnant! As for the cystitis, now Im no longer ttc, I will make sure i always have a wee after sex. I did so the other day and didnt get cystitis so hopefully it will work. 

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