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Hi girls well i've eventually been able to type this been so busy with christmas and been ill with morning sickness thats all day and vomiting from 7pm onwards i'm on anti-sickness tablets now so not as bad thank goodness never had sickness at all withh my son so a big eye opener to morning sickness for me lol. I'm 17wks tomorrow, due on the 18th June, this is my second pregnancy i have a 2yr little boy and i'm from Tyne and Wear. Hope everyone's pregnancy is going well x x x


  • Hello.

    Congratulations and welcome.

    I'm Emma I have a dd who's 2.5. I'm 18 weeks due on 7th June. image

    Nice to have you with us.

  • Ah thanks hun, my little boys is 3 in may,

    hope your pregnancy is going well


  • Hey,

    I've a little girl and she's 3 in June! image

    Yes thank-you, all is going well with me, touch wood. Scan in 2 weeks.

    When you due?

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