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Why has my PUPPP returned 18 days after delivery!?

Did anyone have PUPPP during pregnancy? I had it really bad from week 37 and luckily delivered my baby girl 3 days early so I didnt have to put up with it too long but it did drive me mad and result in a visit to the skin specialist. It cleared up within hours of giving birth but its retruning and driving me mad again! Did anyone else have this and did they find out why it came back and most importantly how long did it last?? When I had during the pregnancy I knew it would go when I gave birth but now I dont know how long ill be putting up with it!!

Gemma & Olivia (18 days old)


  • totally clueless here but what is PUPPP
  • I'd see your GP and be ref again, as my PUPPPs went about 3 weeks after the birth... if yours has gone away and come back there might be an underlying issue....?

  • I had PUPPP during my first pregnancy - It started in the third trimester and didn't go until the Doctor put me on oral steroids 3 weeks after William was born. I have been to a skin specialist and he told me it is happens because of either two things - 1. Mother is carrying a baby boy and is allergic to the male hormone. 2. In the third trimester, your eastrogen levels increase rapidly and the PUPPP rash happens because you are having an allergic reaction to the amount of eastrogen in your body. The rash can develop after you have given birth if you are breastfeeding. Whilst you continue to breastfeed, your eastrogen levels remain high.

    I stopped breastfeeding after 3 weeks so that I could be put on oral steroids. They cleared PUPPP up in no time! Nothing else worked - no creams, no ointments, nothing.

    I hope the rash has left you now. It is such a horrble thing to have. I remember sleepless nights and crying in to my pillow, I was so depressed with it because I couldnt stop itching.

  • Hi williamsmummy this is pinky2 I am having the same situation right now which u mentioned earlier I had pupps in my first pregnancy at that time I was carrying twin girls but it went away in 15 days after taking steroids BUT this time I was carrying a baby boy & I gain have the same situation pupps & this time I treid everything but nothing was working on me it's been 2 months now after delivery still I am in the same situation severe itch I have been checked by three dermatologist but they are not getting it. When read your post I felt little comfort b'coz it's a boy & I am also feeding my baby so can u plzzzzzz tell me THE NAME OF THE STEROID b'coz i am ready to switch my baby to formula b'ccoz the itch is driving me crazy I hope u understand my problem I really appreciate if u reply me.
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