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I can join you!! :-)

Hi everyone! I just found out today that I'm pregnant!!!! I'm so so chuffed, really over the moon! Can't wait to join in lots of chats with you all here! image


  • Yey!! Congratulations and welome to DIS2013!! xxx

  • Thank you! I'm in shock I think, don't know why though it was planned image
  • I was the same! THis is our second - and we tried for a year but I was still in shock when I got that BFP ha!

  • Hello & congrats !! image




  • Hiya, congrats and welcome x 

  • Hi congratulations xxxx
  • Hiii, n congrats!!!! I was trying for 4 months but my oh wanted to start trying last year, but I told him I needed time to get ready emitionally but even wit all that time I still don't think I'm prepared. I wanted a summer baby so I cud have my c section n b in a routine but now da baby's goin to b born and I'm really dreading the chaos that's most certainly goin to follow.........

    I have an 8 year old n 6 year old n a 3 year old all going to nursery and school and all I keep thinking now is how am I going to manage wit a baby in tow, n y da hell did I get pregnant????
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