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Charlie keeps falling asleep during feeds - any ideas?

Hi all mummies!

looking for some more advice/ideas please. Charlie tends to fall asleep during his feeds (especially night feeds) only having a small amount and then an hour later will wake again for a bit more. Any ideas how to get him to take a bit more raher than him waking so frequently for small amounts?

MW suggested stripping him off whilst feeding him to wake him up but he still fell asleep! we fed him at 5 and he took 2 1/2 oz but it took a good hour till 6 o clock for him to finish as he kept dozing off. it's now 7 and he's stirring again. During the day i can cope with this but it's getting harder during the nights. me and hubby are like zombies, lol! xx

Any ideas?


  • have u tried bigger teats? we changed JJ from size 1 to size 2 and it worked great x
  • I was told to tickle my lo's feet to get her to feed as it stimulates the sucking relfex.

    Also, could you get him to nap before feeding him? (sorry, i dont know how old he is)

    Also, in the evenings, I used to feed lo, then strip her to wake her up, feed again, then dress her which would wake her up, then feed again!

    I was told (many years ago while doing my nursery nurse training and my lo is bf so not tried it) that babies feed better if you lie them on your lap (feet at your tummy, head at your knees) - then they're not getting the comforting cuddle that can make them sleepy and they take more.
  • tickling feet works really well, i always give JJ a size 1 teat in the mornings after his long sleep cuz he's sleepy and i dont want him to choke and i often have to tickle his feet but it works great x
  • Frankie was exactly the same. We have moved on to size 2 teats which has helped. Also the midwife told me to change her nappy when she drops off or wash her face. To be honest sometimes i just put the bottle back in her mouth and she wakes herself up as she tends to drop off on my shoulder when im winding her.
  • The advice above has really helpped... Thanks Peeps image x

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