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SMA staydown milk teat problem HELP!


We have put Lily onto SMA staydown milk as the HV thinks she may have reflux. Only thing is the teats get blocked and poor Lily can't get anymilk out. She has just screamed the house down while hubby made her a bottle of SMA gold as she was so hungry. I have got her on slow flow teats and have some variflow teats in the cupboard. How can I prevent the milk blocking or help Lily get the milk out!? I feel helpless, poor thing kept sucking and the milk wouldn't come out!




  • Use the Variflow teats as they are supposed to adapt to the strength of your Lo's suck XX
  • Thanks, will get hubby to put them in the steriliser now!
  • No worries hun.... Good luck!!
  • Tried the varflow teats but they didn't make any difference! Any other ideas? Poor Lily was sucking but nothing was coming out. I have tommee tippee bottles and she's only 3 weeks old and the number 2 teats say for 3 months plus. Not sure if i should try them on her?

  • Maybe you could just try medium flow teats. If the milk is thicker it may not go through too fast?? Are there any teats/bottles available especially for this sort of milk and young babies?
    Most manufacturers seem to make bottles for all types of feeding problems now.
  • We used size 2 teats from very early on as Morgana is on Nutriprem 2 which is a very thick milk. She was only about 5-6 weeks at the time of starting and she seemed much happier with them.
  • Thanks for the replies. I've just been out and bought some size 2 teats and will give it a go...

  • hiya, my lb was straigt onto number 3 teats from 3 weekd due to reflux and he was also on soya milk which needed the bigger teat. They are perfectly fone with it, just take the bottle out of her mouth after every few mouth fulls so she can catch up with swallowing, have a muslin under her chin because a bit comes out the sides of the mouth because its a big hole. but she will be fine, my boy is x

  • I had my baby on comfort milk with cow and gate and my Lo couldn't get any milk through any tommy tippie teats so I gave in and cut small crosses into the top only big enough so a steady drip came though when I tipped it upside down. I have never had any problems with this and I did it when she was 2 weeks. She is now 9 months and still using the same teats so it has also saved me money.
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