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Have you used a fetal doppler, how early did you hear hb?


My fetal doppler arrived yesterday and I was desparate to use it. Now, I know it says you can hear heartbeat from 12weeks but I'm only 10wk + 3 and I couldn't hear a thing.
So I'm not worrying too much (yeah right!) as I know it says 12 weeks but was wondering if anyone else had used one and how early they had heard heartbeat ? Also I'm not the skinniest person so was wondering if you think this makes a difference, can't hear anything through my fat tummy !!
Don't have scan till nearly 14wks so was hoping this would stop me worrying quite so much.
SUz xx


  • Hi Suz

    I got mine (AngelSounds) when I was 9 weeks pg and could hear the heartbeat fine.

    Remember because you're so early on that you will need to point the doppler down into your pelvic area - that's where lo will be until around 16wks. Also, use gel or oil otherwise you won't be able to hear anything! I found the best position was flat on my back with an empty bladder - I had to press the doppler in quite hard.

    The hb sounds like a train or galloping horse. Not everone can hear this early on though, so don't worry.

    As for not being the skinniest person - me neither - I looked pg for 4 years before I was as this is my 4th child!!!

    Good luck hon and let us know how you get on.xx
  • I got an Angelsounds one too and couldn't hear it until 16 weeks (not for want of trying). I'm not a fatty but just couldn't hear a thing. Now I am 24 weeks I use it about once a week if he is being quiet just to check he is ok.

    I def wouldn't worry if you can't hear anything yet it's completely normal.

  • Like the others say, don't worry too much that you can't hear anything, it is still quite early. I think I heard mine from about 16 weeks, I certainly remember being at the mw at 16 and having already heard it at home. On your back, not on a full stomach, push in quite hard just above your pubic line and directed up the way. You might need to dig quite a lot but its amazing when you hear it. Good luck xx
  • hi i havent got a doppler but when i was about 20 weeks i had to go to the hosp and the midwife couldnt find a heartbeat with her doppler and i had to have a scan everything was fine tho so try not to worry xxx
  • With my first I heard it at 14 weeks then with this one i got it out of the roofspace last week in a box with my pregnancy books.Heard it at 8 weeks,haven't managed to find it again since but not worried,was amazed to have found it at all at 8 weeks!

    Wouldn't worry about not finding it at this stage it's still v early.

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  • Hi. I used doppler the other day. And I couldn't find the heart beat. Just a loud wooshing sound I heard people say it's the placenta. I'm 12 weeks thursday.
  • I agree with Karen, use it very low down and push it inwards, remember it depends on lots of things, how ure cervix is laying, what position the baby is in Etc. Don't worry too much though as it can be quite difficult to locate when you 1st start using them. I heard my lo at about 12 weeks but more movement than a heartbeat but as time goes on its a lot easier. Can't remember exactly how many weeks I was when I heard the heartbeat, prob about 13/14 on an angel sounds one. Good luck xxx

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