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thought we had do it .... so disappointed

Sorry in advance ladies this is just a rant really, just needed to vent! So it will be ttc 2 yrs in June, we used ov sticks and dtd at excatly the right time this month, as soon as I began to get a positive we dtd that night, next morning and that eve.  Just felt happy and upbeat this month, well af has just arrived early! my last few cycles have only been 25 days! so annoying! I have no idea why! we are unexplained, whatever that means! Please if anyone has any advice, what they did differently to get pg I would love to know, just feeling so sad and hopeless, we love eachother so much and would love to have a family of our own, we used to be fussy and want lots and pick the sex ect.. but just one would be perfect  x


  • cant spell - sorry ... thought we had done it!

    too early and not thinking straight!

  • Ah joey139 so sorry to hear that! I was the same last month, how early are you?

    Have you tried any vitamins pregnacare conceive plus, pre seed gel ect, maybe a combo of them all may help, also have you tried the legs on the wall for a good hour afterwards.

    Hugs to you it is truly awful!!

    I have heard acupuncture can also help. X
  • hi : ) we have tried the vits, hubby too and pre-seed and legs on the wall no luck so far, just bought a detox book so going to give that a try, it says to keep positive but it is so hard after this long. We have had blood work, pct test and 3 SA and all seems well. 

    May try accupuncture, getting desperate lol! How are you feeling about it all? thanks for your reply x

  • Ah, do you qualify for any assisted help, isi or Ivf?

    Well I already have children but the are older and we though 4 years ago one last one would be great, the only thing I have had is blood work and that was all normal.

    To be honest its got to the stage that I think for me it's not meant to be, the years are going by and I think its my age now.

    My DH want us to look into Ivf but I'm not sure.

    I may buy the clear blue fertility monitor that is support to be excellent and takes out all of the guess work, it's expensive but you can always ebay it after.

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