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12 weeks is taking forever!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post something and get talking to some of you other mum to be's!

My baby is due 9th September and I have a little girl already who will be 4 in June, this is my first baby with my fiancee and we're both over the moon.

I am a huge worrier/stresser at the best of times so the last 5 weeks or so have been particularly trying, think I've driven my partner mad!

Have my scan on 25th Feb and it seems to be taking forever for each day to pass until then image

A lot of my symptoms seems to have stopped in the last few days, not as tired or nauseous, am wondering if this is a sign of something wrong or just because we're getting closer to 12 weeks (am 10 weeks and 2 days today) any advice?

Would be good to hear from any of you image xx



  • I'm 11 weeks today and also can't wait for scan! Placental function (includibg hormone production which you brain/endocrine syatem are running ag the minute) starts to take over at 10/11 weeks which is why sickness/tiredness are 'usually' eased in 2nd trimester so this is maybe why you're feeling a bit better. Also hcg levels stop doubling every 48 hours and tgats the hirmone that makes you nauseous, as it plateaus tour body is more able to cooe with it. Me I'm still throwing up several times a day and could go back to sleep at 10am for another 8 hours but I was like that all the way through last pregnancy so not surprised. Hope the next couple of weeks goes quick for you. My scan is next Thurs - feeling nervous but hoping it'll all be a ok and then I can start telling people! Haven't even told my parents/family yet - all very top secret! X
  • Sorry for all the typos - am on my iPhone! X
  • Hey, Thanks for the reply didnt think anybody wanted to talk to me lol! Congratulations on your pregnancy image

    To be honest i think i spoke too soon as was feeling really queasy all of last night and up until about an hour ago today, i seem to be very tired still during the day but before i was falling asleep at 9pm every night whereas now ive gone back to nearer 11 or so.

    Only a week to go until your scan then, how exciting! How old is your other child?

    I cant wait to start telling people as well although my best friend and both sets of parents already know.

    I've also noticed im getting full up after about a quarter of the amount of food I would normally eat, this happened towards the end of my last pregnancy which i just put down to the baby being so big and there not being much room but cant understand why its happening now, any thoughts? I'm sick of googling things cuz I scare myself to death, its all miscarriage/ectopic/liver failure/ cancer etc


  • Hey hun I am 9+3 i think and its going very very slow seeing as I am not even having my midwife app until next thursday when I am 10+3!!! They don't book my scan until then either!

    I have a 2 and a half year old already and things seemed to go much quicker last time round.

    My nausea has just started easing over the last few days - but still absolutely exhausted. Struggling to get anything done at the moment.

  • Hey snugglenush good to hear from you image gosh they left that a while to book you in with your midwife! I hope they get a scan date for you as soon as poss!

    Im having a really tired day today too could quite easily fall asleep here at my desk at work, supposed to be going for a romantic meal with my partner tonight for Valentine's and it sounds awful but I'd rather go home to bed, so exhausted image

    Glad your nausea has started easing off, will keep fingers crossed it stays that way! xx

  • hope they don't keep you waiting for a scan too long @snugglenush!!

    @Tali_Elli, i've got a DS who just turned 3. I'm pretty sure this one is going to be a boy too.

    I've actually lost a couple of lb since I got my bfp but can no longer do my trousers up, anyone else transitioning to maternity trousers yet?!?! I've got lectures with 40 other midwifery students again next week, i'm going to be playing hide the bump - ha ha!! x

  • Sorry herewegoagain ive never used these forums before and dont know what any of the terms mean like bfp or when you said a DS obviously a child lol but what does it mean? I think I may be having a boy this time too as pregnancy is so different from when I was pregnant with my daughter feel completely different!

    I feel your pain with the trousers, im not quite onto maternity trousers yet but cant wear anything with a button or zips am having to wear elasticated trousers to work, as soon as I've had my 12 week scan and everything is ok then I am definitely going shopping for maternity clothes! Good luck with hide the bump image xx

  • Hi everyone,

    @ talli elli I know how u feel being stressed and over thinking the worst case scenarios in ur head over n over again. I've been feelin da same, I've already had a scan earlier on cos docs Thot it mite b ectopic but I still have a horrible feeling dat il b goin to my 12 week scan on fri n there won't n nething there!!!! Lol, I kno I'm paranoid..... N yup I'm def goin shopping after my 12 weeks scan, Ive got so much bloating around tummy area n my 4 a day insulin medication isn't helping my already big middle tyre, so yea, I'm feeling HUGE!!!!

    @ snugglenush, I hope u get ur scan very very soon cos this waiting around is really bad for our imaginations, isn't it?

    @ herewegoagain, wat u mean ur goin to b playing hide the bump with the student midwives?!?!
  • Hi tali,

    i have my good and bad days with nausea at the moment, i'm a bit behind you, will be 9 weeks tomorrow. i have a little girl who will be 3 in June. As someone else said i think it is normal for symptoms to stop/change and did with my last pregnancy too x 


  • My little girl is 3 in may. I have to say I haven't quite been ad sick this time round but the tiredness is far worse. Only 8 weeks and another 2 weeks before I get my booking appointment then I will hopefully find out scan date so ages away yet!
  • My scan is this Friday and I can't wait!!!! I'm having really horrible n vivid dreams of abortions n miscarriages, it's freaky!!!!!

    Nebody else?!?!
  • I keep dreaming it's twins lol! And then loads of other strange and random but unrelated dreams. Had super weird dreams last time too haha. Booking in App - Thurs when I am 10+4! Hope that I get my scan date quickly! Just want that bit over and done with so I can finally announce! Feel like i've been pregnant forever already lol!

  • @rubyjavy I had to have an early scan as well at 8 weeks and 2 days cuz I had started spotting a pale pink colour but then it turned quite dark red, it scared the life out of me as hasn't had any bleeding at all when I was pregnant with my little girl was sure I had miscarried but baby was fine at scan aand heart was beating strongly so hopefully everything is still ok! Yay your scan is on friday, how exciting, let us know how you get on! I've heard the dreams are really common and I'm certainly having crazy ones! Had one about miscarriage that was really vivid and horrible and I woke up crying, don't want any more like that! Xx

    @megsmum bet you can't wait for appointment/scan etc, I was glad to see my midwife so early (about 7 weeks and 5 days) but then its been such a long wait inbetween waiting for the 12 week scan, congrats on your pregnancy xx

    @minieggsno1 ahh bless what date in june is your little girl, mines is the 7th can't believe she's starting school this year and its gunna be around the time this baby will be due, god knows how I'll manage that lol! Xx

    How has everybody's weekend been? We ordered a doppler last week which arrived on friday but think it was the worst thing I could have done considering I was already worrying enough, because I tried it out on Friday night and again yesterday and couldn't pick up any heartbeat other than mine which I read is really common but its set me off worrying again! Has anybody else used one before?

    On the plus side I definitely feel a lot less sick now and although I'm still ready for bed really early I've had a lot more energy this weekend and have managed to get some chores done around the house which have been building up over these weeks when I've felt poop!

    I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and then its a week tomorrow until my scan, can't wait! How is everybody else doing? Xx
  • @snugglenush some of the dreams you have are crazy lol, I remember it too from last pregnancy but seem to remember it being more towards the end, I used to dream I'm given birth already and it seemed so real that I'd wake up and look around expecting to see a baby in the cot at the end of the bed lol!

    Gosh everybody's booking in appointments seem to be so late but hopefully your scan will be real soon after that!

    I feel the same that I've been pregnant for ever and I wanna shout it from the rooftops now, I found out when I was barely 5 weeks so the last 6 weeks have dragged xx
  • tali I'm debating whether my Lo will start nursery school in the Sept or following Jan. At least you know what you will have to do, though hopefully your baby will arrive with good timing and i hope you have some help in first couple of weeks? My Lo bday is the first, goes so quickly doesn't it!

    it's my booking appt tomorrow, well second appt as for some reason they do two?!! hoping they give me scan date.

    i  always have crazy dreams, preg or not!!! image

  • Hi Ladies, can I join you, i'm pregnant with my 3rd little one and due on the 22nd September so I am 9 weeks 1 day along. I have a little boy who is 3 and a little girl of 13 months so they will all be close together. I can't wait for my 12 week scan it's booked for the 13th March.

    Talli_Elli with your doppler if you go down to where your pubic bone is and press it in and downwards it might make it easier to find. Also being slightly off centre and remember to keep still for ages, fingers crossed it works for you - some don't pick up a heartbeat until around 15 weeks.


  • @minieggsno1 oh thats a tricky one cuz if lo is in school will give you the space you need for newborn but then you'll miss them so much! Is she more of an independant or mummy's girl? My lo was a bit of both but nursery has been brilliant for her really bought her out of her shell and her confidence has come on leaps and bounds. Yeah i Should have lots of help this time round, my parents are just down the road and partner is a fantastic support.

    Oooh ive not heard of that having two booking in appointments, what happens at each? Let us know how you get on, will keep fingers crossed for you and especially that they give you your scan date image xx

    @Mildred81 - hello, lovely to hear from you and congratulations on your pregnancy image gosh you're going to have your hands full with your little family, sounds perfect!! Bet you're counting the days until your scan too image thanks for the tip with the doppler although I'm starting to think I should leave it to the midwife lol as I'm useless with it and I think i was pressing too hard last time as felt quite tender afterwards, wasnt sure if we faintly heard it this morning as could hear my heartbeat but then a quieter one which seemed to be behind it that was a lot faster, mine was so bloody noisy i couldnt tell properly though lol, guess I'm just going to have to wait until my scan next monday and practice patience xx

  • 3 sleeps to go, getting scared now!! Just want it over with. Told a friend today and had a lovely chat about all things baby but then thought s**t what if they tell me I've had a mac of something on Thurs - I'd be devastated!

    @tali-elli DS is darling son! And with the Doppler aim low as the top of your uterus will only just becoming parallel with the brim of your pelvis at 12 weeks. Last preg I couldn't even pick up a heartbeat at 40 weeks mind so depends on what brand you've got! Don't stress if you can't find it though image

    @rubyjay - I have to hide it from 40 student midwives as I'm a (mature) student midwife myself! Wore baggy shirt tunic today! Only have to keep it secret for a few more days so not too bad! But we can spot pregnant women a mile off, sure if wont be long before someone asks!

    Not too long until we're in the 2nd trimester. I can't wait image x
  • I've got my booking in on Thursday I'll be 9 weeks, it seems to have gone really fast this time but at the same time waiting for the scan seems to take ages! I won't get my date until after booking in has sent all the details through!

    Tali-Elli which Doppler did you buy? I have an angel sounds one which is really good but won't use it until after I have had my first scan, one of my friends had the summer one from Argos and even at 28 weeks I couldn't find the heartbeat with her moving round.

    I'm so jealous that some scans are this week!
  • Hi all! Congratulations on your pregnancies! This is my first baby I am estimated to be due by the midwife on 26th Sept 2013. I have my scan on 12th March and it seems to be taking soooo long. Good to hear other peopl's experiences on here.

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