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Has time stopped ticking!!??

Hi everyone I'm due 24th April and its seems to really be dragging now, I want to meet my little man already image anyone else getting a tad impatient? Xx


  • Hi steph1 i'm nowhere near as far as you im currently 11 weeks and 2 days but found out when i was about 5 weeks pregnant and the last 6 weeks have dragged by so slowly, I have my 12 week scan on Monday and am ready to rip my hair out in frustration waiting for it! xx

  • hi steph im the opposite, time seemsto be going really fast! Is this your first? with dd time seemed to drag at the end, but this time it seems to be going so fast and I feel really unprepapred!

  • Sorry ladies only just seen these comments! Tali_elli I was the same, found out very early so the wait for my first scan went on forever. How did ur scan go? Hi devon_mummy this is my second but I was the same with my first, guess I'm just very impatient lol. I think I'm pretty much all ready for his arrival now. Are u feeling more prepared? Xx
  • hi steph im still feeling unprepared! i sorted through dd newborn clothes a couple weeks ago and pickedout all the white bits but yet to wash them because its been so cold and weve had trouble drying our normal washing in our flat so not had room to put it out to dry. baby is now head down and last night i woke panicking at 5am about washing bedding for them etc as im.worried theyll come eatly now (33 +1today). we also need to buy a new bath ( dd one leaks out of the rubber plug hole) and some new towels and i need to sort out dd wardrobe so there is room for babys clothes. and havent sorted out my hospital bag stuff! must stop panicking, it will probsbly be two weeks late now!
  • image I've still got to do my hospital bag but think ill leave it a while longer. I had to be induced with my little girl so got a feeling this time will be the same. It's all super exciting though I can't wait to give him a big cuddle x
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