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Anyone else expecting twins?

Just found out today that it's twins due on 31st October, I am panicked and excited and wondering if there's anyone else in the same boat! 


  • to my knowledge im not expecting two but congratulations hun image x

  • Froggy, I've been keeping an eye out on baby expert after I spotted your post saying you'd had a positive.

    Just seen this post! I'm sooooo incredibly happy for you!!! I don't know if you remember but we were on the clomid thread together last summer.

    I have everything crossed for your two sticky beans and wish you a very, very happy and healthy pregnancy!

    Ele xx
  • Hi ele09, of course I remember you! How are you doing?

    So happy to know of so many clomid successes! I can't really believe it to be honest, just got to keep my fingers crossed for the next few weeks. It's early days and I don't want to get carried away.

    Congrats on your pregnancy Dani!

  • Congratulations froggyimage well I have my scan next Monday and I had two embryos put back so hopefully will be twins I'm due on the 30th oct FC xxx
  • I'm ok thanks froggy, it was so lovely to hear your news. I hope all goes well for you.

    I've had a bit of a bumpy road pregnancy. Suspected problems with ventricles in baby's brain (wks 19-30; then we were finally given the all clear) two days later I went into premature labour. They managed to stop things with atosiban after a couple of days, I spent 4 days in hospital connected to drips but it was worth it ... baby is, for now staying warm and staying put. They also diagnosed gestational diabetes.

    It will all have been well worth it though in under 5 weeks when I get to hold my little one in my arms.

    I m thrilled with your news and will keep and eye on the forums to see what's happening. Good luck Hun xxx
  • Wooohoo huge congratulations Froggy!!! I don't know how many I'm currently baking (suspect just the one) but am also due on the 31st! image Joanne best of luck for your scan!! I'm waiting to get a date thru for an early scan, hope it won't be too long. And best of luck ele09, hope u have a good 5 weeks and everything goes smoothly for you and LO! xxx

  • Froggy im expecting twins! 9 weeks tomorrow. Had an early scan at 6 plus 3 weeks as had a lot of pain to find everything was fine and there were two little heartbeats! It is very overwhelming but we are chuffed to bits as it wil be a complete family in one go (will def not be having more)! Just hope all goes to plan good luck for a healthy and happy pregnancy image x

  • Oh ele, you've had a really rough time. You must be so relieved to have the all clear. Good luck for the last few weeks!

    Joanne best of luck for your scan, let us all know how it goes!

    Congrats on your pregnancys cantwaitforlo and dani!

    Kittykat, I have another scan booked for two weeks time. I've been reading about vanishing twin syndrome and I know it's very early days so im not counting my chickens until they've hatched! They've listed me as a high risk pregnancy and made a referral to the consultant; have they done the same for you? Just wondering if its standard practice for twins.

    Baby dust to all of us, hope these are sticky beans!
  • Yeah I've heard about the vanishing twin thing. Don't know if I have been labelled as high risk as such but yeah been told I will be seeing consultant x
  • Hi Froggy

    Just joined Baby Expert. I'm expecting twin boys on 24 October 2013 although I'm advised they will be early... not long to go now! Very excited!

    How are you doing?

  • Angel monkey - you'll find things a bit quiet on this group as a lot of us are on a Facebook group. There's a set of twins on there too. Let us know if you want to join xxx
  • Hi BeckyBoo, yes please I'd love to join your FB group.

  • AngelMonkey77 hey hun im one the admins of the fb group sorry only just seen this message, im happy to add you, if you add me i cna then add you to the group, let me know

  • Hi Dani

    Have just sent you a friend request from



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