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Hey Everyone, me & my hubby have been TTC for nearly 4 years to no avail, we have both had all the tests done but everything is ok, i have always had a regular cycle but in the last year my period has become very heavy with huge clots, i went to the doctor and she put me on Primolut and told me that i wouldnt be able to concieve while on this so now i am off to the gyneocologist, jusy wondering if anyone has experienced this and what happened, or if anyone has any advice they can give as on TTC. Would love to get a BFP one day but at the moment it seems like it will never ever happen.

Thank you xx


  • hi there,

    my oh and i have been ttc for 3 years, i have pcos in 1 of my ovaries and he is healthy.

    after coming off depo it was 14mnths before i had a cycle and then they were very irregular. i went to my docs and had a battle with them to get a diagnosis, they wanted to put me on the pill before knowing what was wrong wiith me to regulate my cycle but i refused as ttc was my main goal! it was very frustrating and in the end i refused to leave my docs office until i had gyno referal. eventually got there and diagnosed.

    since all that we've moved and our new doc is very good and we're just waitng for my blood tests to go to fertility clinic with.hopefully we will know all our options soon.

    i think if i could give any advice it would be go with your gut instinct and demand more from your docs, let them know that ttc is your only goal, and dont let them tell you otherwise.

    good luck with everything, wishing you a happy ever after. xxxxxx

  • Thank you very much for your reply, i am booked into the gyno on thursday & he is also the doc we have seen for fertility before so hopefully it all goes well.

  • Hi cantw82bpg, I could have written your post, only difference is I have to children already age 7 and 8, however have also been trying for 4 years, I take tranexamic acid as my periods are so bad, no pain just very heavy and clots, they help a lot and don't interfere with TTC, I have only had blood work done so far, I have an appointment on Friday to start the ball rolling with regards to finding out what the problem/problems are.

    Can't give any advice but hang on in there!!

    Let us know how younger on!
  • Hey Everyone, have been to the gyno today, he told me anything he could give me to stop heavy bleeding would act as a contraceptive and we dont want that

  • Hi I'm new to this site. I am really confused. I bought a clear blue pregnancy test and I unwrapped it and the result window already had a neg sign and I didn't even start testing yet... I'm so confused! I thought the result window was suppose to be blank before you perform the test,instead it had a dark blue neg line in result window even before I started! I'm 7 days late and confused now! Has anyone experienced this! I have period cramps but no period ! I had backache for 3 days now and I wee a lot! And my breasts are so sore!!!
  • hi Sammy,

    I think you bought a faulty test and need to take it back and get a new one.

    good luck.

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