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missed miscariage after miscarriage

last year september i became pregnant and miscarried at 7 weeks i had a bit of a cry but it didnt feel like this ....i fell pregnant again in october i did have a period inbetween these dates i had an ealy scan at seven weeks as i had slight pains in my adomen n i heart beat was found an i was ecstatic thinking that was it nothing else cud pose go wrong right ... considering i have two healthy babies then of me and my partner go for my twelve week scan i was 10.6 happily drinking my water not a care in the world .. i get called in and they start my scan the lady tells the one that write things down that she needs some one else to come in here n i just looked at her n told her before she cud tell me that the heart beat had stopped  my hole worl just came tumberling down ... then it was like y me why cudnt one of the other in here had this news not me i no thats terrible n now cose ive clung on to that tiny bit of hope that they hve made a mistake i am walking around with my baby still in me till i have another scan wensday  its like it doesnt want to part with me overise i wud of started bleedying right  i had terriuble sickness as well n its like i went thru that for nothing to go thru all this pain n then have nothing at the end of it i woke at 3 this morning cose i had dreamt it did have a heart beat  it justr dioesnt want to leve my head i had a name for her to i has a feeling it was a girl .. my little bella i just dont understand why it has effected me so much worst then the other sorry for going on my partner dont do feelings ... if n e one can tell me what to excpect wud be great this was my last attempot so want be trying again to much pain for thanks for reading


  • Hi, just seen this post and was wondering if you were feeling any better? The pain of losing a baby never goes away, you just learn how to handle it.I've had 2 missed miscarriages, and the first time it took just over a week before I started to bleed and all the same things were going through my head.
  • And I'd also like to say that this place is ridiculous, we're all supposed to be giving each other support yet this thread has had over 90 views and nobody commented when this girl is in pain and in desperate need of support????? Where are admin at least????
  • hello hun i have had a misscariiage and a missed miscariage and i was nerly 11 weeks andi went in for kidney scan and when they checked baby as i should been 12 week nearly the baby dident have a heartbeat and  on both miscarriages i was very upset but with a missed one i think its  because i actually sawthe baby moving  a few days before the heart stop beating and they told me it was healthy and very active and the fact you are walking round with this little life in you is so hard to imagine i am really sorry that you are going through this and you get symtoms as it takes so long for your hormone go down i hope i helped

  • i agree the support here seems really pants i came on everyday looking for surport and fount nun even worst i cud c that people were reading my post n not bothering to post needless to say i struggled thro it dont think ill b trying again the last misses mis has put a spanner in the works n i just cant fo thru that againvthanxs for replying i hope if ur trying still that ur next pregnacie will result in a healthy smelly likkle bubski x
  • well i am preganant again 6 week i know its hard all i did was cry but it gets better it wont ever go away and now im pregnant its very worrying but things will look up and you will get a gorgeous little bean just you wait and see  x

  • dont giive up on trying me and my fiancee started to give up and thats when i became pregnant to be honest we was shocked as when we was trying nothing when we dident we got a little bean never give up sweetheart

  • Yeah gemma, I've found baby centre much better, this one seems very clicky and the only people that get support are the ones that are in that 'group'
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