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Any mummies of 2 thinking of no 3?

Hello ladies,


its been a long time since ive been in here and im carefully creeping to dip my toes in the water. Im mum to Caleb who will be 3 in May and Blake who is 18 months. The broodiness has kicked in big time so im thinking about trying for no 3 later in the year (Id like a summer baby) Im still not 100% yet as I love my little family of 4 but I think we have room for another image  This is my boys


  • Yes I am thinking of ttc number 3 too! Will probs try to wait another coupe of months (if I can contain my excitement lol) but def seriously thinking about it. My girls are 3 and 16 months. When are you thinking of ttc? X
  • Hi ladies,

    I would love to have number 3, but oh isn't very keen at all image. I have dd who's 3, ds who's 15 months. I was thinking of ttc around December as I'm a teacher and the thought of being on mat leave over the summer hols again seems a real waste! Oh says he doesn't want to be skint forever (i'm the breadwinner so mat leave is a real hiton finances) but I can't stop thinking about another baby.

    I've got a while to work on him yet so I'm still hopeful, does anyone else have any experience of a reluctant partner? I did call his bluff a little while ago and suggest he should have the snip which funnily enough he was also against! I'm also 35 so that may be an issue image
  • I've also just come on for the first time in ages! I also have a really started to want a third! I have 2 boys 3 and 17 months. I want to wait at least a couple of months as my oldest is a Christmas baby, so I'd prefer not to have another one with a birthday around Christmas. Part of me wants to wait until December so my first would be starting school, however it would be a much bigger gap between no2 and no3 that I'm not sure.

    becksf77, a teacher too (2 days) and loved going on Mat leave on 1st September with my second after a paid 6 week holiday! X
  • I'm also a teacher and mum to a almost 4year old little girl and 2year old little boy. We are currently trying for a third. My eldest starts school in Sept and I've been broody for a good six months. It's funny how we plan mat leave around school hols isn't it?! Xx
  • I really messed up with dd, she's an august baby! Also starting school in september, and if we wait until december ds will be starting preschool so childcare will be cheaper (i do 4 days). All I've got to do is persuade oh! Good luck with ttc ladies, hope I'll be joining you soon!
  • I have 23 month old twin boys and we have decided to start TTC baby number 3 (or 3 and 4 if its twins again lol) I'm very excited about it image but also abit worried about how I'll cope image

    We have decided to wait until the new year as that way the boys will be in pre-school by the time the new addition arrives image x
  • Wowzers ladies - good luck with number 3!

    Can I nervously asked how you found having number two? image  I'm guessing it wasn't all bad if you are all in here talking about number 3. image

  • Tulip Rose, I found having the second quite hard for the first 6 months, but I also did with the first - I think it's the lack of sleep as both of mine didn't sleep through until 7/8 months. I think also adjusting to 2 is a bit of a learning curve. It is however also lovely, I have loved seeing my 2 bond and its moments when the baby first smiles and laughs at their brother is just amazing. Now they are getting older and starting to play together more it just melts my heart! I would say there are times that are hard, but mainly it's just more fun! Also I constantly worried would I love my second as much, but I do, however I also have a an additional love for seeing their relationship and times together.

    Good luck TTC no 2. Xxx
  • Hi curlygirly

    Thanks for your reply. I am really excited to ttc no 2 but equally terrified so its nice to hear honest replies.

    I think my view is line with what you have said. I reckon I will find the first 6 months pretty tough so it's about minimising the outside extra stressors.

    Anyway I will stop hijacking the thread now!image
  • hi ladies,

    I'm another who hasn't been on in a long time. I have 2 girls,  the youngest is 2, another december baby. My oh is very keen, it's me that's unsure. I am self employed and worried about taking maternity leave. I would only be able to take 6 weeks. Is there any other mums in the same position? 

  • i would love another but my hubby isnt keen either Bexf77 . I too am the main earner and we have struggled both times i have been on mat leave. My hubby says if we had loads of money we would def have another but he isnt sure its worth the sacrifice . he is happy with 2 .

    although when my second son was born he was definitely saying no and now he has said maybe if we can afford if in a few years we can discuss it.

    my eldest is nearly 3 and my youngest is just turning 1 so im not ready yet either but i also cant cope with the fact that i may never have another baby x

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