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need some advice - anxiety and panic attacks whilst ttc

hi just wanted to ask is anyone else in my situation , lately ive been having really bad panic attacks, pains in my chest, irregular heart beating and so on.ive been to the doctors and they have gave me tablets that stop panic attacks... its really horrible and im not my usual self. I dont want to do anything ive lost interest in stuff and at the moment im off work coz im scared to feel like it there. im trying to tell myself its just anxiety but its so hard. we have been ttc for just over 2 years and started all our ferility treatment tests and stuff just before we got married last year which wasn't the best idea as it does cause arguments and alot of dtress in a relationship.i did fall but miscarried in nov on my second cycle of clomid. I had a physic reading and she said id fall this month im just hoping shes right and our life can start in may with oour 1st wedding anniverdary. any ladies who can relate to me plesse get in touch x


  • Hi Lottie,

    Sending you some big 'cyberhugs' your way.  It's not easy having a 'hidden illness' where you 'appear' perfectly fit & well on the outside so trying to explain to people how you're feeling on the inside sometimes goes unheard.  You aren't alone though, many people out there suffer with auto-immune diseases, some form of anxiety/depression or a combination of symptoms.

    Try & keep busy as much as you can.  It isn't always easy & there will be days when all you want to do is stay tucked up in bed but you will feel much better if you can keep yourself occupied.  It doesn't need to be much, a weekly trip to the shops, daily housework, day-to-day planning for the office...setting yourself some goals to achieve can help you stay positive & you'll feel better everytime you can say 'I did it'.  Best wishes


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