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20 week scan

Hi all thoses due in aug, iam due to have my 20 week scan on monday and iam really nervous, hows everyone, has anyone due in aug had their 20 week scan yet and did you find out what you are having ?? Iam not finding out, just preying everything ok x


  • Mines on 9th april! cant wait to see our little flump again, where not finding out the sex either image xx


  • Hi

    My scan is 1st April, we're not finding out either. Hoping little sprout keeps its legs crossed so others can't go on about what they think too!!image

    Hope all goes well on Monday for you! xx

  • Hiya, my scan went really well today everything looking fine, we seen our baby yawning and it gave us a little wave, booked in for my 3D scan at 27 weeks cant wait to see our little baby again.

    How everyone feeling ?? My movements are getting really strong now i just love the feeling of it moving about.

    Good luck to anyone due their scan soon, dont forget to keep me updated.

    Take care x
  • Hi smilerkinners, how did your scan go ? hope all is well x

    Not long now for u supersquish x

    Have either of you had your matb1 form yet or do you know when you are meant to get it ??
  • Hi

    Scan went well apart from a low lying placenta, so I get another scan at 36 weeks!! Not worried but....will be having a look at what will happen if no change!! Sonographer was quite grumpy and difficult to get a smile out of!! Kiddies loved seeing baby sprout and I think baba thought sonographer was grumpy as was hiding away and being generally awkward. Kiddies felt baba move today too so has been an exciting day for all! 

    I don't have or need a MATB1 form due to home educating my other 2 and self-employment not bringing in enough to claim the other benefit. But I just went online to see where you should get it from and apparently it's from your mw/dr/care provider. Apparently you don't normally get it till 20 weeks and have to send it off by 25 weeks!!

    Hope all goes well for you supersquish...thanks for asking QueesAsanti83 xxxx image

  • Ive had mine from my first midwife appointment but she will only sign it after my 20 weeks scan, but need to hand it in to work by 25 weeks which is my next midwife appointment, wanna hand it in before then, dont wanna be jacked out of my maternity pay!

  • My scan is on 10th April and we don't want to find out either.. Sooo excited it seems forever since my 12 wk scan image

  • glad your scan went well smilerkinner, hope you have a nicer sonographer at your 36 week.

    superquish: i'll have to make sure i remember to ask at my 25 week appointment for this mat b1 form, iam worried about missing the deadline for maternity pay.

    welcome to the group lhanson32, what date are you due ??
  • QueenAsanti 83 can't you ask for it now so you have time to fill it in before mw signs it? Seems like the stress would be a little less. (Not that you're stressed)!  x

    I hope I get a nicer one too on my 36 week scan. I felt like a child and she was like 'you've done this before' etc, etc! Uh yes, 9 years ago, trying to remember last year is difficult enough without going into 'nearly' the last decade (ok, shhhhh) image


    lhanson32 she didn't even asked if I wanted to know! Glad though and she was swinging that scanner round so much, we couldn't even have got a glimpse. Hope your scan goes well!! x

  • Its a shame u had a bad scan, i would have complained about her, after all we wait and wait for these scans! want them to be a positive experience dont we image

    @queenasanti- Im pritty sure its 25 weeks for most places, my company will jack up out of anything they can so id rather get it in before 25 weeks, going to ring midwife after my scan and see if i can pop in for a signiture lol

    Anyone feeling there LO's moving yet? Mines a little wriggler and started getting kicks last week (not keen on the ones aimed at my bladder tho...) Cant see it from outside yet but my hubby cant feel little pokes and vibrations image

  • I won't be on next week (away). So hope all goes well for you supersquish and lhanson32!! Looking forward to hearing your stories! Hoping you have jolly sonographers! xx

  • ok chick, have a good holiday image

  • image

     Hears baby at 20 weeks and 0 days! scan went well but have to go back as she could cheak babys heart chambers as spine was blocking her view but she said all is well as far as she can see image

  • your scan picture is really clear its so cute, any guesses on gender ?? iam sure everything will be fine, at least you get to have another peek at the baby before they arrive, that happened to me at my scan but baby had their arm covering heart i had to empty my bladder, and lucky enough baby moved their arm so they were able to see everything x
  • I had to do that too but baby still didnt move image Got some ace pics, cheak out this one of the feet, its so cute! 


     Gunna ask for a picture of the hand at next scan, could see it opening and closing her mouth which was cool! I still think its a girl, but whos knows! image shopping on friday for some baby buys- decided its time to indulge a bit hehe

  • cool pic of their feet, on one of my pics my baby is sucking their thumb image

    my thoughts were a girl as soon as i looked your scan pic,.everyone keeps saying mine looks like a boy, although on the chinese gender predictor of babycentre website its predicts a girl, have you done this ?? if not you should go on see what it says, am due a 3d scan in may so see what people are guessing then.
  • Ive done a few gender predictions and it says a girl image But i always say 'he' when i refer to him so mabe my bodys trying to tell me something?? lol

    I was hoping to see baby sucking 'her' thumb lol but no luck image

  • Really good scan pictures supersquish!! 

    Will upload mine!



  • Hey supersquish...where did you get the extra of 'my baby's as big as...?'

  • yey hello baby! everything well then??

    click on the one you want and it will generate a code to copy and paste into your profile settings... xx

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