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Talkback: Pregnancy aches and pains


  • hi

    i'm coming up to 8 weeks pregnant and have experienced the twinges, i asked my Dr and he called them "settling in aches" and were nothing to worry about

    hope this helps
  • Hi Manxangel,

    Sorry for my delayed reply! Thanks for getting back to me & yes, your reply does help. It's good to know other mums-to-be are experiencing the same twinges/aches!

    Hope you're feeling well - take care :-)
  • Hi - I'm 5-6 weeks pregnant & although I'm not experiencing any stomach cramps, I am feeling some twinges on the left & right side of my groin. Is this normal?

    As this is my first pregnancy I'm feeling quite anxious & worried!

    Would really appreciate any advice & thanks x
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