Babies skin colouring....

me and my partner are Asian and our 1st baby was fair in skin colouring. I've just had a little girl 2weeks early and she is really dark almost looks black but her hands and feet are well a lot fairer. I'm becoming very depressed as everyone keeps commenting on how dark she is...


  • Who cares what anyone says, I'm sure she's beautiful. Children's skin tone can change a lot, but even if she stays the darkest in the family it doesn't matter. My uncle is Asian, and my 4 cousins vary quite a lot in skin tone. People should be commenting on how cute I bet she looks not how dark she is.
  • Hi. My dad is black and my mum is white so I'm mixed, a real mixture of them both with brown skin. My 2 daughters couldn't be more different when it comes to skin tone. One is quite olive and the other is really white. I was a bit shocked when she was born but just thought it was interesting how different they were. Friends and family pointed out the difference and still do but we all know it really doesn't matter at all. Try not to let it bother you. X x
  • At the end of the day we are all inheriting genes from 2 different people - 50% mum & 50% dad.  When we go on to have our own children we can pass on either set to our children just as your partner can so in theory there are 4 different combination possiblities for your children to inherit from you (your mum/OH mum, your mum/OH dad, your dad/OH dad, your dad/OH mum) so whilst your children may look similar in some ways they will also likely have differences.

    My two girls are very much alike in appearance but my nieces & nephews aren't all likewise & even my sister & I have our differing appearances (I take after my dad whilst she takes after my mum).

    As long as baby is happy & healthy that is what matters.  The world is full of wonderous variety & beauty comes in many shades, shapes & sizes.  Enjoy your family.  Best wishes.

  • Dont let anyone get you down about issues such as these, my dd will be 4 in june, her dad is black african and very dark in skin tone and I am white, when she was first born she had straight light brown hair and completely white skin and didnt show any sign of colour in her skin untilshe was about 9 months old. I also received lots of comments about how light she was and how she didnt even look like she was his child which I obviously found very upsetting, she is now much darker and is clearly mixed race but I loved her regardless and everyone else can do one! Dont let their negative comments get you down, skin tone is irrelevant! image

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