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green sick

has any 1 elses lo been sick n it bein green?? i woke thismornin to find that charlie had been sick n it was bright green image i called the doc out to check him over and all is fine no temp etc just wonderd if any 1 elses lo has had this??


  • thank u hunny image
    im breast feedin and was toppin up with formular until my milk came through and wen he had a feed off me he was fine no sick then wen he had the formula he brought it all up image but my milk has come through now image so hopefully it wont happen i was just so scared never seen a colour like it!!!
  • My baby is three days old and brought up quite a bit of green mucus, told its quite common.
  • I wouldn't be too worried, as I have heard this type of thing occur quite often and everything be alright. Plus if you already had the doctor check him out, and says he is fine, then I don't think there is anything to worry about! Congratulations though with Charlie!



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